The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 163

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 163

Madelyn didn’t have many friends, in fact, she didn’t have any close friends. She preferred being by herself and didn’t spend much time socializing. Whenever she felt bored, she found joy in activities like reading books or watching shows. Yvonne’s interest in being her friend. puzzled her a bit, but she thought she might uncover the reason soon.

Right now, they were sitting in the school cafeteria together.

Madelyn’s beauty would instantly catch everyone’s attention. She took after her mother, who was once known as the most beautiful lady in Ventropolis. Yvonne was pretty in a different way the more you looked at her, the prettier she got. She had nice eyes with double eyelids. Madelyn could even see a small mole on one of her upper eyelids when Yvonne closed her eyes.

Yvonne asked, “Do you want to try my spicy braised chicken? It’s my favorite.” But Madelyn didn’t like spicy food, so she ordered risotto instead.

When Yvonne added more chili flakes to her chicken, Madelyn shook her head.

While Madelyn put cheese powder on her risotto, Yvonne started, “My family is having a big party for my birthday. You know about it, right? I really want you and your brother to come!”

Madelyn thought, ‘I knew it. She’s interested in Zach. Even though she didn’t know what had happened between Yvonne and Zach, she understood things about people well after living two lives.

“I brought the invitation card for you. Come at seven thirty in the evening. There’ll be lots of yummy food, and even some celebrities. You must come!”

Madelyn looked at the invitation, “I have two evening classes. I might not be able to make it.”

Yvonne had eaten a lot; her mouth was swollen from the spiciness. “No problem. Just come after your classes. Oh, my dad invited his business friends too. They care a lot about being formal, so wear a nice gown.”

Madelyn lowered her gaze, thinking as she nibbled on her spoon. She said, “Okay.”

“Tell me about your brother. Last time, my friends and I met some rowdy guys. We almost got into trouble. Your brother came and handled them, all by himself. He’s amazing.”

Yvonne’s eyes showed admiration. But it didn’t last long; she acted like she was annoyed, saying, “Humph! He told me to get lost. If he hadn’t saved me before, I would’ve taught him a lesson. I’ll forgive him if…he gets me a gift I like tonight.”

She then realized she was the only one talking. “You’re just listening. You haven’t said anything yet. Tell me more about him!” She couldn’t guess what Madelyn was thinking.

Madelyn’s hunch was right. If Zach wasn’t her brother, Yvonne wouldn’t even be talking to Madelyn.


“What do you want to know?” Madelyn spoke calmly.

“Just tell me what he likes, what makes him happy, all those little things.”

As they ate, Madelyn started sharing. “In the morning, he wakes up at six-thirty to go for a run, eats breakfast, and goes to work by seven-thirty… He doesn’t like onions and his stomach doesn’t like cold foods. He’s really busy with work and sometimes forgets to eat during the day. If he drinks without eating, especially during nighttime meetings, it makes his stomach hurt a lot. There was even a time he had to go to the hospital because of it…”

Madelyn had tried to forget these memories, but as she talked, she realized they were still stuck in her mind. Even though she wanted to move on, it was hard. ‘Well, I’ll keep trying to forget. It might take a few years, but someday, I might forget everything about him.’

Madelyn added, “One more thing… he has a sister he really loves…

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