The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 167

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 167

‘Is Zach taking me to the party as his date?’ Jadie wondered, her hands clenched nervously but full of anticipation.

Meanwhile, Madelyn went to the mall to pick a gift for Yvonne. Since she was going to the party, she couldn’t go empty-handed. They were just casual friends, so Madelyn simply chose a silk scarf. To her surprise, it cost over four hundred dollars. She thought about returning it, but the salesperson had already taken off the tag, so she couldn’t do that.

Luckily, Hayson had given her a shopping card that entitled her to a fifty-percent discount. Even with the discount, the scarf was still expensive it cost two hundred dollars.

Madelyn could not help but wince at the price.

When Madelyn got back home, she thought about which nightgown to wear for the birthday party. She searched through her closet and found a white box in the bottom drawer. Inside, she found a black backless dress.

‘This should be good,’ she thought. Since it was her first party, she didn’t have many dresses for such occasions. Most of her nightgowns were old-fashioned, and she didn’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Though simple in style and color, the dress would never go out of fashion.

Madelyn hesitated, wondering if she could really wear it. She told herself, “Let’s give it a try.”

Quickly, Madelyn stood up and changed into the dress. Looking at herself in the full-length mirror, she examined her sides. She had worried it might not stay up well, or it would look bulky. But it was a perfect fit, even though it wasn’t a dress anybody could pull off.

With her great figure, no one would guess that she was still in high school.

It was eight-thirty, and the party began.

Yvonne, wearing a million-dollar custom-made nightgown, danced the opening waltz with a famous male artist. She was stunning and graceful.

Most of the guests were important people from politics and business. They lifted their glasses for toasts and chatted happily.

Yvonne seemed a little distracted during the waltz, looking toward the entrance as if she was

waiting for someone.

Finally, she spotted Zach. But when she saw that Jadie was with him, her smile faded instantly.

Even so, Yvonne could tell that Zach was watching her.

While spinning on the dance floor, Yvonne locked eyes with Zach in the crowd. She shot him a look before getting back her composure and elegantly finishing the dance.


Jadie, feeling uneasy, didn’t look around much. Many guests at the party were strangers to her.

She noticed a man in a fancy suit next to a white piano. “Isn’t that the famous piano player, Mike Glasper?” Jadie thought in amazement, ‘I can’t believe they got him to play at this party. Is this what rich and powerful people can make happen?’

Those at the top of the pyramid enjoyed the benefits of wealth. They could get whatever they wanted without needing anyone’s approval. It was a level of luxury that no one could resist.

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