The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 168

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 168

After finishing dancing, Yvonne took the coat that a servant brought over and walked to Frida Young, saying, “Mom.”

Frida looked at her daughter, noticing a hint of unhappiness on her face. She patted Yvonne’s hand and asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy on your birthday? The singers you like are all here for you. My little darling, don’t cry. I’ll introduce you to a few business partners.”

Yvonne furrowed her brows again and said, “Can I not go? I want to play with my classmates. It’s always the same old faces anyway, and they keep asking this and that as soon as they see me. It’s getting really annoying.”

The music played softly in the hall, and Yvonne’s words were only heard by Frida.

“Alright, this is something you’ll have to get used to in the future as the heir of our company.”

As the hosts of the event, the mother and daughter couldn’t avoid mingling with the Young family’s business partners, except the ones from the Arnold Corporation, even though Yvonne didn’t want to.

“Mom, is Ethan still not coming?”

A pang of pain crossed Frida’s heart, but she managed to smile and said, “Ethan has been busy with the Arnold Corporation lately. Try not to bother him. I’ve already invited him, and he’ll come if he has the time.”

Yvonne thought, ‘I used to be able to see him at home, but now I don’t even have the chance to see him. He still refuses to acknowledge me as his sister!’

Finally, Yvonne approached Zach.

Frida scrutinized him. “I heard you saved Yvonne?”

Zach, wearing a black suit, stood tall and seemed softer than usual. “It was nothing.”

Frida looked at Yvonne, “Did you properly thank him?” Her tone was polite but distant.

Finding someone with such skills wasn’t common. If he could be of use, protecting Yvonne from such incidents, Frida would be relieved. She thought, “Too bad that he’s Hayson’s man. He must have done many things using underhanded methods. Even if he’s skilled, I can’t keep him by our side.’

Frida saw Zach as a hidden threat, thinking that he was raised by Hayson and thus he could not be a loyal person. After all, Hayson had done in the past was well known. He had betrayed many trusts.

She already looked down on the Jent family, so naturally, she held Zach in even lower regard.

Yvonne rolled her eyes at Zach. “I already thanked him, or else I wouldn’t have let him come. Hey… Mr. Jardin, why did you bring her? Where’s Madelyn? I sent her an invitation, why didn’t she come with you?”

Indeed, the Jent family wasn’t qualified for such events. Zach would not have the chance to attend the party hosted by the Young family if it weren’t for Yvonne.

Zach remained composed. “She had something to attend to and will arrive a bit later.”

“Alright. Then give her a call and remind her. I have something for her.”

Zach nodded. “I’ll make sure to let her know.”

Soon, Yvonne deliberately led Frida away, leaving Zach on his own. She pouted as she thought, ‘Serve you right for bringing another girl to my party.”

Jadie, standing by, was completely ignored. She was surprised to know that Madelyn had actually received a personal invitation from Yvonne.

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