The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 172

Forrest grabbed Madelyn’s ankle before she could pull her leg away.

He lifted his head, “Are you blind? I’m trying to apply the cream on you.” His tone was so rude that she wondered if she had misheard him.

She pondered, ‘He wants to help apply the medical cream on me? I don’t believe it. There’s no way that a person who nearly choked me to death at school would be kind enough to apply medicine to me. Who knows if the medicine is safe or not?

‘I’ve already learned my lesson the hard way once, and that’s enough. Back then, whenever someone showed me a little kindness, I’d just naively accept it.’

Forrest had already squeezed out the cream onto his palm. He was about to rub it on Madelyn’s swollen ankle, but Madelyn immediately pulled her foot back.

She mumbled, “I-I’m fine. I don’t need the cream.”

She was afraid that he was planning to do something bad to her. She held onto the armrests of the chair, wanting to get up and leave.

Forrest slightly raised an eyebrow as he stood up. He casually lowered his head and grabbed a tissue from the side to wipe the cream off his hand while watching Madelyn.

As soon as she tried to take a step forward, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle, causing her to fall

back down.

“You’re so damn stubborn. If you don’t want my help, forget it!” Forrest threw the crumpled tissue away with a cold expression.

At that moment, a clear voice could be heard from nearby, “Forrest? What are you doing here?!

Madelyn looked in the direction of the voice and saw Yvonne rushing over in an elegant dress. Madelyn noticed the disdain and hatred in Yvonne’s eyes when she looked at Forrest, as if she was looking at a sworn enemy. It was the same kind of look that Madelyn herself had experienced from everyone in Class Six. She had never thought that Forrest would be looked at

in that way.

After all, he was arrogant and rebellious.

Yvonne caringly asked Madelyn, “Are you okay? Are you injured?”

Madelyn shook her head, “I’m fine!”

Right after Madelyn said that Yvonne crossed her arms and instantly spoke with an air of authority, “Forrest… I’ve said before that our family doesn’t welcome you. Please leave immediately!”

When Adrian saw that, he quickly stopped chatting with his friends. He put down the glass of alcohol before approaching Yvonne. He pulled her aside and said, “Yvonne, your mother invited him to the party.”

“Why would my mom invite this kind of person to my birthday party?”

Forrest smirked. There was a hint of mockery in his eyes as he slowly said, “What, you got a problem with me?”

He continued, “I love seeing that angry look on your face knowing no matter how much you hate me, you can’t do anything to me.”

“You’re right, I do have a problem with you! I Even just looking at you disgusts me! How shameless of you to show up here. Get lost right now!” Yvonne yelled at him.

Just then, Frida came down from the study. The butler saw what was happening and was about to interfere. After all, many guests were present, and it would be embarrassing if they saw this


Frida faintly said, “It’s just a few kids quarreling. You don’t have to interfere. Carry on with your work!”

“Okay, madam.”

Frida was not in a hurry to leave and watched the situation instead, indifferently staring at Yvonne. She thought, ‘Her eyes do look like mine…’

Adrian frowned, “Yvonne, that’s enough!”

“Let go of me!” Yvonne shook off his grasp and continued, “What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong? If you didn’t hear it clearly, I’ll say it again. Listen carefully! Our family doesn’t welcome you, the son of a homewrecker! You’re as cheap as your sick mother, both shamelessly refusing to leave!

“Get lost!”

In a moment of silence, a terrifying aura emanated from Forrest.

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