The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 173

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 173

Everyone held their breath as a few seconds passed.

Only Yvonne could have dared to talk to Forrest like that.

Everyone thought Forrest would angrily beat Yvonne up, but he did not. Instead, he just chuckled, eyes bloodshot with anger. Yvonne felt creeped out when she saw him behaving that


Forrest calmly smiled as he said, “Your mother is even worse. Do you really think she’s a good person?”

Yvonne, “What the hell are you talking about?!”

With those thought-provoking words, he turned around and walked away, not looking back.

Madelyn ignored their conversation and kept her head low, lost in thought.

“Stop! Stop right there, you bastard!” Yvonne yelled at Forrest.

Adrian glanced worriedly at Forrest.

Frida stood nearby for quite a while. With the wind blowing at her, the intoxication from alcohol had gradually worn off, and she soon sobered up. She had heard the entire conversation earlier.

‘Could it be? Does he know something?’

Frida frowned and walked down the steps in her high heels. “Yvonne! Why are you causing a scene in front of so many of your schoolmates?”

Upon hearing her mother’s voice, Yvonne immediately fell silent and lowered her head, afraid of being scolded.

Frida had arranged many lessons for Yvonne on etiquette and social skills, but she had learned nothing even after attending the classes for more than half a year. The tens of thousands of dollars spent had all gone to waste.

Yvonne looked like a child who had been caught doing something wrong as she meekly responded, “It’s nothing, mom.” She tried to casually brush it off.

“Who’s this?” Frida looked at the person on the chair at the side.

Madelyn noticed she was being looked at. She responded, “I…”

Yvonne immediately interrupted, “Mom, I’ll go back to my room to open the gifts now. You guys have fun here.”

She could not wait to see what gift the man had bought her.

Frida smirked and shook her head fondly, saying, “When will she ever change? She didn’t even bother to greet her schoolmates when they arrived.”

The butler walked toward Frida and whispered something in her ears before quickly being dismissed.

The bystanders who had been watching the scene gradually dispersed, as if nothing had happened.

Adrian gently asked, “Are you okay?”

Madelyn shook her head, “I’m fine.”

“Are you still mad at Forrest?”

‘Obviously.’ Madelyn thought but kept it to herself and remained silent.

Adrian continued, “You Jents are so annoying. Madelyn, stop thinking you’re so damn innocent. Think about what you and the Jent family have done. Forry’s just seeking revenge on behalf of others. An eye for an eye, Madelyn. You’re not as innocent as you think.”

He took his hand out of his pocket and lightly touched the medical cream with his fingertips, Your foot is injured, remember to have a maid apply the cream for you. Take care of yourself.”

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