The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 174

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 174

In the past, Madelyn had been cruel and willful, often taking the lead in bullying others. However, ever since Forrest had appeared, she had gradually become isolated and had finally ended up being bullied instead.

Madelyn was aware of her past sins, and could not justify what she had done…

She thought, ‘Seems like this party didn’t go well. My relationship with Yvonne is just superficial. She’s probably using me to get closer to Zach, and I want to set her up with Zach so that I can leave him and the Jent family. Either way, I have to maintain this relationship.’

It was getting late, and colder as well. Her scarf could no longer keep her from shivering. She asked the Young family’s maid to get her the medical cream for sprains and rubbed it on her ankle. Half an hour later, the swelling reduced.

At that moment, someone approached her, “Miss, is this your phone?”

Madelyn, “Yes, please help me put it on the table. I can’t do that now. Thank you.”

The maid said, “Your phone was ringing earlier.”

“Got it.” Her dress had no pocket. So, she put her phone in the box at the entrance when she

came in.

Madelyn was curious about who would call her at this hour.

She wiped her hand before grabbing her phone. Coincidentally, the person called again, but she did not answer it and put it aside, waiting for it to hang up automatically.

There were text messages too.

[Why haven’t you gone back yet?]

[Is your foot feeling better?]

[Do you need me to ask Leyton to pick you up?]

[Madelyn, reply to my texts…]

Madelyn did not feel any emotion looking at those texts. Such caring messages might have warmed someone else’s heart but not hers. She felt like she was constantly being watched and


She could imagine Ethan’s tone and expression while he said those words to her.

Madelyn did not want to have to report to him at all times about what she was doing. She did not want to be stuck having to do everything according to his wishes either. She hated it.

Most people around her had left. Yvonne had only shown herself once, and Madelyn had not

seen her come downstairs after she went upstairs.

Madelyn carefully put on her shoes. It was almost eleven, and she was planning to leave, and almost everyone else in the hall had left too.

Frida was seeing off the guests at the door…

“I loved your gift very much. In exchange, I’ll forgive you for what happened last time. But if you’re free, how about treating me to a meal tomorrow? What do you say… Mister?”

The young girl was wearing the latest high-end perfume. Its strong scent was somewhat uncomfortable. It had been a birthday gift from Kevin to Yvonne, a limited-edition item that had cost over a thousand dollars.

Zach lifted his wrist to check the time. His eyes were gloomy as he emotionlessly said, “Ms. Young, it’s great that you like it.”

Zach then noticed Jadie covering her mouth as she yawned. He asked, “Are you tired?”

Jadie, “I’m fine.”

Zach, “About that meal, you can meet me whenever you’re free. It’s late, so I’ll send Jadie home now. Goodbye!”

Yvonne pursed her lips as she looked at Jadie. She replied to Zach, “Okay then! I’ll come and find you after school tomorrow. You promised to treat me to a meal. Don’t back out! Whoever backs out is a chicken!”

Zach nodded slightly, “Sure.”

Jadie held Zach’s hand as they left the banquet hall.

The wind lifted the hem of her dress. She quickly felt a chill. She then wrapped herself tighter with Zach’s jacket.

“Zach… I think she likes you.”

Jadie stared unwaveringly at Zach, not wanting to miss any of his facial expressions.

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