The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 175

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 175

However, Zach was very good at hiding his feelings and would never show his emotions. Sometimes, Jadie could not guess what he was really thinking.

Zach just coldly responded, “You’re overthinking it. Get in the car.”

He opened the front passenger door.

When Jadie was looking at him, she saw Madelyn who also walked out of the main door. Jadie thought, ‘She came!’

Madelyn was limping with the help of a maid.

Zach walked around the front of the car and got into the driver’s seat. When the car engine started, Jadie pressed the window button to close the window.

Madelyn thanked the maid, “You can go back now. My family’s driver will be here very soon.”

“Okay. Be careful on your way back.”

“Sure. Thank you.” Madelyn smiled.

Madelyn left her jacket in Jordan’s car. She stood in the cold wind shivering and hugging herself, looking at the ground.

Suddenly, Ethan appeared in front of her, and wrapped her in his black jacket. Madelyn stared at him in surprise. She trembled and was stunned for a few seconds before mumbling, “W- Why are you here?”

“I saw a silly girl walk carelessly and sprain her foot. She even furiously scolded someone! I was worried, so I wanted to come back and see her. Unexpectedly, as soon as I returned, I saw a freezing little girl.”

The man looked at Madelyn with a gentle expression.

Madelyn thought, ‘So, he saw everything that happened.’

She had not seen him at the time.

“So, it was you who asked someone to pass me the medical cream?”

“Is your foot feeling better?” Ethan casually grabbed her freezing hand.

Madelyn was overwhelmed as she pursed her lips. She withdrew her hand and put it behind her back, “I feel a lot better. You didn’t have to come back here. Jordan will be here very soon.”

Speaking of the devil, a car could be seen approaching. Madelyn felt relieved as if she saw her savior.

“I have to go back now. You should go home and rest too!”

When she was about to leave, she suddenly felt her wrist being strongly grabbed. She looked at him in panic and saw the hurt in his eyes. Ethan said, “Madelyn, you haven’t been replying to my texts or returning my calls for the past few days. Are you avoiding me? Please tell me why.”

Jordan had already stopped the car. It seemed like Ethan would not let Madelyn go if she did not give him an explanation. Madelyn emotionlessly responded, “I’m not avoiding you. I’ve been busy studying recently. I haven’t been using my phone for a long time.”

Ethan knew she was lying but did not expose her. He noticed Madelyn seemed worried and scared about something and loosened his grip.

“Is someone threatening you? Did someone do something to you or….say something horrible?”

“No.” Madelyn looked uneasy.

She was not sure if it was her imagination, but she felt someone secretly watching her. Although she could not feel that person’s presence, she could sense their oppressiveness.

“Ethan, let’s stop wasting our time here, okay? I’m really cold. If you have something to say, can we talk about it some other time? I have a lot of pressure from focusing on my studies now. I can’t afford to waste my time and energy on anything else.”

She wondered, ‘Why’s he acting this way?! Does he like me? Is this really how one acts when they like someone? He’s overly possessive. He always wants to control me, know where I am and what I’m doing! Am I not allowed to have any freedom at all? Am I not allowed to ignore. his calls or not reply to his texts? We’re still just friends, after all.’

Madelyn felt that she had to set things straight.


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