The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 176

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 176

Madelyn was interrupted. “Madelyn, I’m just worried about you. What am I doing that you don’t like? Just tell me, and I’ll definitely change my ways!!

The tattooed hand stroked her head as his eyes fell upon her. Madelyn was not sure if it was an

illusion, but she could see a trace of panic in his eyes.

Every time he made such an expression, her heart would inevitably soften and she would feel guilt for upsetting him and speaking to him like that.

Madelyn did not know where to look. She knew that she was just being overly sensitive to her surroundings, her self-preservation instincts reacting too strongly.

“I… I’m so… sorry…” Madelyn was mumbling as she tugged her hair. “I should be going back. Rest well. Good night.”

Madelyn did not know how to tell him that the problem was not him. He was fine as he was!

She was the problem…..

Ethan never got to respond to her “good night” as she fled from him as if avoiding a raging beast, her black flowing skirt creating a beautiful arc as she went.

Madelyn took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. By the time she came to her senses, she realized she was still wearing his coat. There was a faint minty fragrance coming.

from it, Ethan’s familiar scent.

As she thought of him, Madelyn became upset. She pulled out her phone, not knowing what to do to alleviate the pain she caused him with her words earlier.

A few minutes later, there was a notification on her phone.

It was a message from him, just a simple [Good night.]

Madelyn’s heart sank. The better he treated her, the more she condemned herself deep down


The black Cayenne slowly followed behind the car, keeping a safe distance. After waiting for a moment, his phone did not light back up, his lips pursed tightly as a sense of dejection came him. The sense of the past seemed to come rushing back to him as he felt that that same feeling from the past was making a return and he was afraid he could not control it…


Inside another Audi, Jadie softly reminded Zach, “Zach, when are we leaving?”

She lowered the car window as a breeze blew in, cooling the car’s interior.

Zach’s face was emotionless as he stepped on the accelerator, overtook the car in front and quickly left.

“Pass me the medicine.” A low, rumbling volce rang out, clearly in pain.

George quickly took out a white medicine bottle from the car locker and passed a bottle of water over as well. “Master Ethan, do we need to contact Dr. Martin? It’s been quite a while. since you last paid him a visit.”

Dr. Martin was Ethan’s personal psychologist. Ethan suffered from severe bipolar disorder, and when his mental illness struck it was very difficult for him to control his behavior. He was liable to do some unpredictable things.

“No need.” Ethan swallowed the pills as he closed his eyes. He could feel the pain in his legs and used that pain to numb himself.

He knew that Madelyn was avoiding him, but he could not figure out why, seeing as how they had only met a few times before. He tried not to think too much about it.

By the time Madelyn arrived at the Southern Haven Villa, it was almost midnight. It was Jordan who woke her up.

Madelyn woke up groggily as she got down from the car with Ethan’s coat on her shoulders. As she walked through the door, she caught a whiff of food.

“Zach, the gnocchi is almost ready.”

It was Jadie’s voice, she was busy cooking in the kitchen.

Madelyn lowered her head; her tired eyes struggling to stay open. Normally, she would be asleep by eleven, and had not expected to be so worn out attending a banquet.

Jadie brought out the cooked raviolis and noticed that Zach was not in the living room. He had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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