The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 4

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 4

Chapter 4
After a lengthy hour in the taxi, Madelyn arrived at the entrance of the Jent residence.
Stepping inside the house, she caught the attention of the housemaid, Rosario Watson, who quickly approached her. “Ms. Jent, why are you alone? Didn’t Mr. Jardin come back with you?” Rosario inquired.

Rosario, still youthful and without many wrinkles, received a warm embrace from Madelyn. Madelyn recalled how, in her previous life, Rosario had been the sole person who treated her like family after her father’s passing. Rosario had shown her kindness when no one else did. However, circumstances led Rosario to serve the Jardin family at the behest of Zach, taking care of him and Cecilia.

“Rosario, I’ve missed you so much,” Madelyn expressed.

“Oh… um, Ms. Jent, what’s going on? Are you still not feeling well?” Rosario gently pushed Madelyn away and worryingly placed her hand on Madelyn’s forehead, checking for signs of a fever. It became clear to her that Madelyn wasn’t sick.

Rosario had a strange feeling about Madelyn today, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint it.

“It’s nothing, I just felt like giving you a hug,” Madelyn reassured her.

“Are you hungry after returning? I’ve just finished preparing some porridge. Let me serve it to you.”

“I don’t have much of an appetite. I want to go and rest for a while. Call me for lunch later!” Madelyn requested. Having stayed awake all night and endured a long journey by car, she felt a bit lightheaded.

“By the way, your father called earlier. He mentioned that once you got home, he wanted you to give him a call. Seems like he has something important to share with you. Also, he asked me to give you this before he left on his business trip,” Rosario informed, handing over a small item to Madelyn.

Madelyn accepted the platinum shopping card from Rosario’s hand and nodded. “Alright.” She understood that it was likely Hayson’s way of compensating her on behalf of Zach. Madelyn was well aware of what Hayson intended to discuss. Calmly, she dialed his number and made the call.

Madelyn found it difficult to express her emotions toward Hayson. While Hayson played the role of a caring father, it was nothing more than an act…

Hayson Jent was far from being a good father.

Madelyn knew that Hayson had always desired a son to carry on the family business, which led him to engage in numerous affairs. However, none of those relationships resulted in a child. Eventually, he adopted Zach as his godson.

Hayson regarded Madelyn, his own daughter, as a mere pawn to be used for advantageous marriages. He was willing to go to any extent, sacrificing his daughter’s happiness, to further his own interests and push her into the arms of other men.

From a young age, it was only Rosario who stood by Madelyn’s side.

If Madelyn had the means to escape from this family at this very moment, she wouldn’t hesitate to leave. The call connected. “Hello, Father.”

“Are you feeling better? What did the doctor say?” The voice on the other end of the line sounded like a superior casually inquiring about a subordinate’s well-being.

“I’m fine now, much better.”

“Madelyn, you are my daughter, and Zach is my godson. In this lifetime, you can only be his sister, understand?”

Madelyn silently chuckled. She knew that this was Hayson’s warning to her. Even though he wasn’t physically present, she could imagine the unfamiliar and distant coldness in his eyes. In his heart, her love for Zach was considered a family disgrace, a shameful act!

Madelyn’s eyelashes trembled, and she obediently replied, “Yes, I understand! Father, I’m sorry. I won’t engage in such things again in the future.”

“Did you receive the card? Whenever you have time, go out shopping. If you come across something you like, just buy it. Don’t stay cooped up at home painting all day. Go out and make friends.”

“Alright, Father.” After concluding the conversation with Hayson, Madelyn went straight to her room.

Her room, back when she was in her early teens, exuded shades of pink. The air was infused with a sweet, candy-like scent, and a grand princess bed adorned the space. It was a room that every girl dreamed of having.

At that moment, Madelyn’s phone began to ring. When she saw that it was Zach calling, her hand trembled, causing the phone to slip from her grasp and fall to the floor. However, she didn’t make an effort to pick it up. In fact, she even entertained the thought that it would be better if the phone broke!

It was only after the call ended on its own that Madelyn finally retrieved her phone and sent him a message.

[Brother, I’m sorry, I forgot to mention earlier that I’ve already arrived home. I was actually planning to message you.]

The message displayed as read, but he didn’t reply. Instead, he called her.

Madelyn answered with an expressionless face, “…Hello, Brother…”

“Madelyn, this is the last time. Next time, before you do anything, call me!” His voice carried a tinge of anger, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Alright, I understand,” Madelyn responded softly, her voice filled with compliant obedience that left no room for criticism.

In her previous life, Madelyn had been Zach’s wife for eight years, and she knew him well. He possessed a dominating personality, and everything had to be done according to his way. He demanded that she never exhibited even the slightest trace of defiance toward him. Madelyn had grown accustomed to compliance in her past life, and she would obediently adhere to his every word, regardless of the circumstances.

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