The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 773 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 773

Kai let go of Lana, stepped out of the passenger seat, and answered his phone. “She’s dead?” he asked.

“You weren’t involved?”

After a brief silence, Kai said, “I’ll investigate.”

He had no motive to kill Rosario, especially knowing she did not have much time left. If he had wanted her gone, he would have done it quietly, not blatantly. The leads were now lost. For years, Kai had been searching for the torn pages from Alicia’s diary. Those pages contained the truth about certain past events.

Kai had taken a brief ten-minute nap and was completely drained. When he turned, he collided with Lana. She teetered backward, about to fall, but Kai was quick to steady her.

“Can you drive?” he asked. Lana, with a hint of skepticism, replied, “What do you want to do?”

“Drive back to the hospital once we’re off this mountain,” Kai said, handing her the keys. Kai needed a break. As he took the passenger seat, he quickly fell asleep, evident from his steady breathing.

Lana got into the driver’s seat, started the car, and drove to the hospital, a journey that took almost two hours.

As she parked, the movement caused Kai’s continuously ringing phone to tumble out of his pocket. She picked it up, noting the hospital’s caller ID. Hesitating briefly, she did not want to disturb Kai’s sleep but answered anyway.


An anxious voice replied, “Dr. Stewart, there’s been an emergency with Ms. Young. Please hurry.”

Lana was about to wake Kai when she saw he was already reaching for his phone. She jumped a little in surprise, wondering, ‘When did he wake up?’

Kai held the phone to his ear and asked, “What exactly happened?”

A worried nurse answered, “We just got the results; Ms. Young had a sudden cardiac arrest. She has internal bleeding in her chest and needs right away.” surgery Lana overheard and was shocked. ‘ Internal bleeding? What’s going on with the Young family?’

She grabbed the car key and rushed after Kai. In the pre-op room, Kai changed into his surgical scrubs. “What caused these complications?”

The nursing assistant, looking worried, answered, “She was at Southern Haven Villas. The villa’s owner might know more.”

Kai’s mind raced to Zach. ‘Could he be involved?’ Then, voicing another concern, he asked, “Where’s the family?” Under normal circumstances, Yvonne would have been here by now.

The nurse said, “A private plane exploded. Rescuers believe it belonged to the Young family. Mrs. Jardin and Mr. Arnold were on board.”

Kai’s face showed his shock. ‘I feared something like this. Zach, what have you done?’ He was mostly worried about how Madelyn’s body might react. Her condition could get worse. He had been thinking all night about ways to assist her, but each idea seemed unlikely to succeed.

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