The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 775 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 775

“He’s legitimate because I say so. I will let everyone know that Dalton Jardin is my son, “Zach declared.

Zach was not discussing this with Madelyn; he merely told her what he planned to do. Madelyn could never stop Zach from doing whatever he wanted. Sometimes, even she would not know what Zach was thinking.“I can’t allow you to do that. You should put the child under my name. Then he would be my child and have no relation to you. Besides, leaving Ventropolis is your business. I won’t be going with you,” Madelyn said calmly to Zach. He had his plans, while Madelyn had her convictions.

‘Father… No… I don’t even know if I should call him ‘Father,” Madelyn thought. She was staying in Ventropolis because there were still many things she needed to understand. Most importantly, Madelyn wanted to know whether she was Hayson’s biological daughter.However, she did not want their arguing to wake Dalton up. Madelyn got up and left the room. She walked to the living room downstairs to pour herself a cup of warm water. Standing before the table with a cup of water, she stared blankly while thinking.Zach went behind her and hugged her. He tenderly whispered, “Let’s get married when we go to France. Hm?” Zach kissed the nape of her neck, which left a tingly feeling.“Marriage? What makes you think I would get married to you?” Madelyn questioned. Her hand gripped her cup tightly while her expression was apathetic. However, her heart was trembling.She reminded him, “Don’t forget, you’ve tried to kill me multiple times! Now you turn around to tell me to get married? Don’t you think it’s hilarious?Besides, you’re also already married, Zach.”Madelyn flung his arm away to start making the formula milk for Dalton.‘He’s exactly the same as he was during his previous life. To him, marriage is just a game. He married Yvonne for profit, just like back then.’Now that Zach had gotten everything he wanted, he was going to get rid of Yvonne, making him no different from an ungrateful playboy.On the other hand, Yvonne was experiencing what Madelyn had gone through in her past life. No one besides her could understand the pain of betrayal from the man you love. It was this pain that caused her to be depressed and almost lose her mind a few times.“Yvonne’s loved you for many years, so you shouldn’t betray her feelings. You shouldn’t divorce her, or you’ll regret it in the future. You can still turn back now,” Madelyn advised him.Zach held onto her hand and smiled. He asked her, “Are you doubting yourself? You’ll be the only person by my side, Madelyn. How about that?”Since she cared about legitimacy so much, Zach would give it to her. He figured that at most, all he had to do was just hold another wedding banquet.Madelyn thought, ‘Did he treat Cecilia the same way, too? He never cares about the people who love him. In my past life, Zach knew exactly how much I loved him, yet he never once cared for me!’Madelyn averted her gaze and pulled her hand away. She avoided his question, “I’ll go upstairs to care for Dalton.”Madelyn took the prepared milk formula and went upstairs. When she returned to the room, Dalton was already awake. He was lying down on the bed while playing with tissues. Once he saw Madelyn, he laughed joyfully.Madelyn had a smile on her face as she sat by the bed. She held him in her arms. Dalton still had some saliva on his mouth and rubbed his face on her chest.“You can’t bite this spot, okay?” Madelyn told him.

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