The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 776 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 776 

Madelyn was still concerned about what Zach had said. ‘Marry me? Marriage? He must’ve gone crazy!’ Madelyn thought.

She then absent-mindedly wiped the saliva off Dalton’s face. Dalton saw the pacifier near his mouth, so he bit down and sucked on it. He lay down in her arms while staring at Madelyn. Madelyn lowered her head and smiled, caressing Dalton’s face.His initial skinny face and brittle hair were totally different now. His cheeks were chubbier, while his hair had grown thicker and darker. Madelyn somehow knew he would grow into a troublemaker by gazing into his eyes. As Zach stepped into the room, the phone in his pocket rang. He took it out to check the caller ID. When his gaze landed on Madelyn, embracing the child, Zach went to his study instead, only accepting the call after he reached the windowsill.

“What’s the matter?” Zach asked. Kai had just finished doing surgery on Frida. He came out of the surgery room and sat down on his chair. He asked tiredly while massaging his temples, ” How long can you hide the Young family’s matter from her?”Zach retorted, “Since when did you start caring about my business?”Kai was silent for a while before saying, “We’re in the same boat. If you sink, I won’t be benefiting from it.”Zach smiled and asked, “You’ve turned over a new leaf?” Kai continued, “Quite a few people in the hospital already know about the Young family’s situation. I’ve already taken care of it, but you have to take care of things on your end so news doesn’t spread.”Zach’s addiction was kicking in, so he put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. After taking a puff, he said, “My affairs are none of your concern. Mind your own business.”“Zach! Your biggest weakness is your arrogance. You can’t hide the news of Ethan dying in that car crash from her for long. You can imprison her for a while, but you can’t imprison her for the rest of her life. You know better than me that Madelyn can’t endure this kind of emotional strain. This news would be a huge blow to her.” Kai took a deep breath and continued, “Listen to me. Get her away. You were too reckless this time.”Once Kai finished speaking, Zach hung up the phone. Zach did not know of Madelyn’s condition yet. Not long after he hung up the phone, Zach received a message from Kai.[Get her to the hospital to do another check-up. The check-up last time wasn’t thorough enough.]Zach put out his cigarette and walked out. Madelyn was in the room playing with Dalton. Zach stood outside, watching silently without disturbing them. Every time he saw this scene, he felt an inexplicable feeling of calmness. It was an emotion he had never felt before… It was like the feeling of finally having a family. Even though it was fake, he was willing to do whatever he could to make it all a reality. No one would know about their relationship. It would be great if everything stayed this way.Zach’s possessiveness over Madelyn had already reached sickening levels.‘I will never let her go!’ Zach thought. At half past two in the afternoon, Zach held onto Dalton while sitting in the backseat. The chauffeur was the same chauffeur from Southern Haven Villas.“Everything’s fine. Why are you bringing me to the hospital?” Madelyn asked.

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