The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 777 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 777 

Zach answered Madelyn, “It’s a follow- up appointment. You’ve taken your medication too frequently.”

Madelyn stayed silent. Dalton did not move when he was in Zach’s arms. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt today, holding a blue teddy bear close to his chest. He was also wearing a jacket, with a cap on his head. Madelyn had chosen this outfit for Dalton meticulously. Dalton was not as lively as when he was in Madelyn’s arms. Dalton was silently biting his fingers as saliva drooled from his mouth.

Madelyn turned around to look outside the window. Her cold hands were immediately held by Zach’s warm hand. Madelyn froze momentarily and turned her head away as if nothing happened. The car drove for a while and seemed to be heading toward SereneCare Hospital.

Zach exited the car with Dalton in his arms when they arrived at the hospital. They gave off the impression of a happy family of three. Zach walked in with his tall frame while Madelyn followed behind him.

Madelyn was wearing a beige knitted. skirt with black safety shorts. She had furry pink shoes with them, the same pink shoes she had worn when she went out with Zach. Zach’s jacket was on her, while Zach only wore a dark- colored sweater. His sinister aura was still on him. He had Dalton in his left arm while holding Madelyn’s hand in his right.

Both of them walked into the hospital to be welcomed by a nurse. The nurse led them to a private elevator, bringing them to the twelfth floor where there was already another nurse waiting for them.

Their intertwined hands became clammy with sweat. Zach released her hand and said, “I’ll wait for you.”

The door to the examination room slowly opened. Kai appeared behind the door with a white collar and face mask. When he walked over, Madelyn felt a sense of danger. The smell of disinfectant filled her nose, and Madelyn took a step back subconsciously.

Zach comforted her, “It’ll be over soon. I’ll wait for you here.”

The examination room was filled with equipment. Madelyn had seen this equipment while undergoing chemotherapy in her past life. She was terrified that once she entered the room, she would never come out again. Once she had decided to do chemotherapy in her previous life, she never left her sick bed. The last thing she wanted was to face such a painful death again.

Madelyn backed out at the last minute. She turned around and said worriedly, I’m fine. In fact, I don’t think I need a check-up at all.”

Zach coaxed her gently, “Behave yourself. It’ll all be over soon.”

Kai could not speak. Regret and fear raged inside him. He was afraid to face Madelyn. He had never expected that such a day would come. He had promised to protect his sister, but instead he was going to become her murderer. This was a grievous sin that he would never be able to make up for in this lifetime.

“I’ll go and get ready. Someone will take you to get changed,” Kai said, clenching his fists and trying to hide his emotions.

After speaking, Kai turned around to enter the examination room. Madelyn stared at him as he left.

‘I bet he’s eagerly waiting for me to finally die here! He’s the one doing this entire examination,’ Madelyn thought.

She did not trust Kai, nor anyone else around her. The nurse brought Madelyn a set of clean clothes and said to her, “Don’t worry, Ms. Jent. We’ll be assisting you through this. Everything will be fine, so there’s no need to be scared.”

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