The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 780 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 780

Madelyn thought, ‘Rosario and Hayson are both dead now.’ After the cremation, the person who held the urn covered it with a black cloth. He brought it over and said, “My condolences.”

Zach took over the urn. He said, “I’ll handle the funeral.”

Madelyn expressionlessly responded, ” Up to you. I’m fine with anything.”

She turned around and left after that. In the hall upstairs, Kai had already settled all the expenses. He was carrying a bag containing the medication Madelyn needed for chemotherapy. He said, “The medicines you’ve been using work well, but they have some negative side effects, so it’s time to stop taking them.. The medicines I’m giving you now have been clinically tested and are free of any side effects.”

When Kai saw Zach walk toward them, he leaned slightly toward Madelyn and whispered in her ear, “From now on, I’ll always stand by your side.”

Madelyn trembled and looked at him with a confused expression. Zach walked closer with the child in his arms. Kevin, who had arrived at some point, was carrying Hayson’s urn and following Zach.

When Kai saw Zach move closer, he stepped back to maintain some distance from Madelyn. On their way back to Southern Haven Villas, Kevin sat in another car, following behind Zach and Madelyn. In the car, Zach said, “The medical test results will be out next Wednesday.”

Dalton seemed to notice that Madelyn was not in a good mood. He leaned forward and stretched his hands, wanting to be held by her.

“Okay,” Madelyn responded weakly. She took the child. Dalton put his arms around Madelyn’s neck. With a mouth full of drool, he made cooing sounds around her neck.

For now, Zach was keeping the news of Hayson’s death from the outside world, but sooner or later, the news would get out.

For an hour and a half, Madelyn was busy dealing with Dalton, who was being mischievous. He was very calm whenever Zach held him. but this time, as Madelyn carried him, he became extremely excited, bouncing around and full of energy. Madelyn had a hard time handling him.

In the afternoon during rush hour, they encountered heavy traffic on the highway as they headed back to Southern Haven Villas. By the time they arrived, it was already six in the evening.

Madelyn felt a sense of unfamiliarity as she looked at the well-lit villa. She thought, ‘Turns out… This isn’t my home after all.’

Dalton had already fallen asleep on Madelyn’s shoulder. When they entered the house, Jasmine and Samantha were sitting at the dining table. Both of them were dressed very elegantly, wearing jewelry. There were many shopping bags on the couch nearby.

Jasmine had probably found out about Hayson’s death. Otherwise, she would not have come back. She was feeding Samantha, “You came back so late. She was starving, so I got her something to eat.”

Samantha said, “Mom, I’m full.”

Jasmine affectionately wiped the corner of Samantha’s mouth, “Go outside and play for a while then.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Samantha then hugged a familiar teddy bear and ran outside. Jasmine threw away the tissue in her hand before standing up and walking over to Zach. Turning to Madelyn, she said, “Since you’re back, let’s talk about the division of assets and inheritance. After all, I’ve been married into the Jent family for so many years, so I’m used to this villa. I’ll be straightforward, I want this villa and fifty million dollars in child support.”

Zach coldly glanced at Jasmine and said to Madelyn, “You go upstairs. I’ll handle this.”

Madelyn responded, “I can give you this villa, but I don’t have that much money. I only have a hundred thousand dollars…”

Jasmine chuckled, “There’s no other way, then. Madelyn, Hayson’s the one who’s been supporting me and the child. Now that he’s dead, we’ll have a tough time without any money. Since you don’t have that much money, the only option is to let Zach take care of us. My daughter needs a father.

“You’re already raising one child anyway, so it makes no difference… What do you think, Zach?”

Jasmine had taken good care of herself over the past four years. She was still very charming and attractive. There were no signs of age on her face.

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