The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 783 by Max Charming

he Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 783 

Madelyn didn’t possess much business acumen; she had inherited most of her traits from her mother and enjoyed painting.

She told Zach, “Right from the start, Father wanted you to inherit the company. It’s yours. I won’t take it; I’m not cut out for business either.“As for the burial alongside Mom, we can discuss it later. Let’s set the date for the funeral now.”

Madelyn noticed that Dalton had spit up some milk. She quickly grabbed a few tissues, removed the milk bottle, and wiped his mouth.Zach replied, “The date has been decided. It can be either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” Madelyn suggested, “Tomorrow is too soon. Let’s make it the day after tomorrow.”“Okay.”The weather the day after tomorrow was quite nice. It would not rain. Madelyn had never liked gloomy weather.Many things could be settled in a single day. Hayson had made quite a few enemies in his life, and his death would bring joy to many. Madelyn couldn’t quite describe her feelings, but at least she didn’t feel too sad.Zach, mistakenly thinking she would be sad, had been staying by her side. He only left briefly for the study when Kevin arrived with some documents that needed his signature.In the study, Zach sat in front of his desk, reviewing the documents.Kevin reported, “As per your request, we’ve selected a burial spot at Heaven Memorial Park, about one hundred sixty feet south of the late Mrs. Jent’s grave. However… We couldn’t prevent the news of Mr. Jent’s passing from reaching the media. Several newspapers are already reporting it.“As for the arrangements for the memorial service, they’ve been canceled. The best time for the burial tomorrow is at twelve-fifteen noon, which should help avoid any rain.”Zach set down his pen, closed the signed documents, and set them aside. “Make sure you have people there tomorrow. If anyone shows up, don’t let them get too close.”Kevin replied, “Understood, Mr. Jardin. There would undoubtedly be some individuals causing trouble once Hayson passed away, but as long as they didn’t create problems in front of Zach, he would ignore it.The next morning, they left Southern Haven Villas at ten-thirty. Madelyn was concerned about leaving Dalton alone at home, so she brought him along. Zach carried the child.The weather forecast predicted heavy rain for the afternoon, prompting them to move up the burial time. The death of a family member is typically a somber occasion.Jasmine and Samantha were sitting in the same car with them. No one in the car shed a tear. There was not even a hint of sadness in the atmosphere.Jasmine was dressed in a long black dress, and Samantha was sitting on her lap in the front passenger seat, talking and even laughing.Hayson’s urn was placed in the car behind them because Venturians believed it would bring bad luck to have it in the same car with them.The road to Heaven Memorial Park was not difficult to drive. It was a flat path, with several cemeteries along the way.The mortician lowered the urn into the ground. The workers at the cemetery had years of experience in the funeral industry, but this was the first time they had seen such composed family members. Typically, they witnessed people grieving deeply. They couldn’t help but think, ‘One of the women is even playfully fixing and tying a little girl’s hair.’Madelyn observed as Hayson’s urn was laid to rest. The entire process took just a few minutes. Then, a distant rumble of thunder echoed through the sky, suggesting that rain was imminent.As they were about to depart, Madelyn turned to Jasmine and asked, “Do you still want the property in Southern Haven Villas? There’s still time to transfer ownership now.”Jasmine smiled and replied, “No. I’ve already been given the best mansion. You can keep the one in Southern Haven Villas. Our connection in the past was solely because of your father. Now that he’s gone and I’ve received my inheritance, I no longer have any ties to the Jent family. Do you understand?”Madelyn remained silent.Jasmine added, “Well, I must be on my way now. Take care of yourself.”

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