The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 784 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 784 

“Mom… Kingsley is here.” Samantha exclaimed, pointing excitedly. Madelyn followed Samantha’s gaze and saw a young man in his early twenties, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, standing under a tree with black, edgy short hair. He waved at them. Samantha pleaded, “Mom, I want to go to Kingsley.”

Jasmine allowed, “Go ahead.” As soon as she released Samantha’s hand, Samantha immediately ran toward him in excitement.

Madelyn was taken aback when she saw him because his features were strikingly similar to Zach’s. She estimated they shared about seventy percent similarity. The key difference was that Kingsley had a more innocent and youthful appearance compared to Zach.

The difference between them was Kingsley looked innocent and youthful, unlike Zach. Before Jasmine left, she took one last look at Zach and walked toward Kingsley. Eventually, Madelyn left too.

As soon as Madelyn got into the car, a light drizzle started. Due to not having slept well the previous night, she felt drowsy in the car. “Nothing happened between me and her,” Zach assured her ten minutes after they left the cemetery.

Madelyn contemplated, ‘Nothing happened?’ She had always suspected there was an affair between them. She didn’t look at Zach as she replied, “You don’t need to explain these things to me,”

She continued thinking, ‘Even if nothing happened, what does that prove? Is he trying to convince me, or is he trying to convince himself?”

Madelyn couldn’t easily believe his words again. Back at the mansion, Zach held an umbrella for her as she carried the child inside. The outer side of Zach’s shoulder was half wet from the light rain.

His phone in his pocket rang, and he checked the caller ID before stepping outside to take the call. Unless it was an important call, he would usually answer in Madelyn’s presence. Now that he walked outside, she had a feeling it was another piece of bad news.

It was Kai on the line. He said, “Frida woke up. However, due to negligence, she knocked out a nurse and escaped from the hospital. Be careful with her. She’s already guessed that you’re related to the plane explosion. I’m worried she might take revenge on you.

Zach frowned, and his gaze grew dark as he looked through the floor-to- ceiling window at Madelyn in the living room. He replied, “Understood.” He then asked, “When’ll the medical report be ready?”

Kai just happened to be holding Madelyn’s medical report. The data in multiple aspects wasn’t looking good. The tumor detected in her brain through the CT scan was growing faster than expected. He responded, “It’s going to take some more time. Be sure to provide her with extra attention and care in the near future. I’ll send her medications in person when she’s finished with them.”

Zach concluded the call, feeling somewhat agitated. He mused, ‘Kai still showing an interest in Madelyn Hassh he had his share with Wincy?’

Madelyn hadn’t anticipated Margaret’s return so soon. She handed Dalton to Margaret, feeling relieved.

“Is everything sorted out?” Madelyn asked. Margaret replied, “Ah, when someone passes away, it’s all about burying them in the ground. It’s not a big deal.”

Madelyn nodded without saying a word. Margaret added, “Oh, by the way! My memory isn’t what it used to be. Just half an hour ago, someone called and said she was your high school classmate. She wants you to attend some kind of gathering. Someone also dropped off an invitation card. I don’t understand many words, but there’s a hotel name on it.”

Madelyn inquired, “Did she mention who she was?”

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