The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 785 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 785

Margaret replied, “She didn’t provide a name, ,but judging by her voice, it seemed like a young woman.”

Madelyn had always been accustomed to solitude and wasn’t skilled in socializing. Therefore, Margaret refrained from accepting the invitation on Madelyn’s behalf. She simply informed the caller that she would pass on the message.

Madelyn opened the invitation card and took a look. Without even needing to read the name below, she could tell from the handwriting that it was from Mya. She thought, ‘After all these years, her handwriting is still the same… A birthday party?’

Zach entered from outside and asked, Are you considering going? I’ll go with you.”

“I’ll decide later,” Madelyn responded. She set down the invitation card with its elegant gold embossing. She checked the date and saw that it was scheduled for a week later.

She thought, ‘It looks like Kennedy is back as well. Apart from him, no one knows I’m back in the Venturia.’

Madelyn returned to her room and changed out of her black dress. With Margaret looking after Dalton, she could finally relax. Feeling quite tired, she lay down on the bed for a brief nap.

Zach also went to bed at some point, although she wasn’t aware of it. Madelyn was sleeping soundly and continued to do so as the sky outside gradually darkened.

Zach awoke before Madelyn did. He observed her peacefully sleeping and kindly pulled the blanket over her before silently leaving the room, closing the door behind him. A servant happened to be in the corridor and said, “Mr. Jardin, dinner is ready.”

Zach fastened his pajamas and responded, “I’ll be there in a little while.”

Meanwhile, Madelyn was in the midst of a long dream. She found herself in a massive fire, tied to a chair, watching the flames gradually consuming her skin. At the emergency exit, Zach was leading Cecilia, who was carrying a child. Heartlessly, he turned away and left, abandoning Madelyn in the midst of the inferno.

No matter how she screamed, her cries fell on deaf ears. She watched in despair and helplessness as the fire consumed her skin, altering her appearance beyond recognition.

Her heart ached intensely, and it wasn’t due to sickness. Madelyn awoke with tears in her eyes, her damp cheeks near her ear unnoticed. In the dimly lit room with only the bedside lamp on, Zach sat at the bedside, gently wiping her tears away. Upon seeing her awaken, he softly asked “Have a nightmare?”

Madelyn did not respond. She just stared at him for a long time. She thought, ‘When he loves someone, he can shower her with the most precious gifts and whisper sweet, romantic words. When he doesn’t love someone, he can push her into a corner.’

To her, all the tenderness he displayed was fake.

As she met his intense gaze, she snapped back to reality. She replied, I’m fine,” quickly changing the subject, וויז” go check on Dal.” She started to prop herself up in bed. As she prepared to lift the blanket to get out, Zach suddenly took hold of her wrist. He used only gentle force but managed to draw her into his embrace, saying, What can I do to make you feel better?

“Would you like to bite me to let out some frustration, hmm?”

Zach felt uneasy about Madelyn’s habit of suppressing her emotions, and one of his remarks had a profound impact on her.

Suddenly, Madelyn burst into intense tears, experiencing an emotional breakdown. She fought to stifle her sobs, making no sound at all. Zach sensed his shoulder becoming wet with her tears, followed by a sharp pain.

Madelyn bit him hard. Even though she tasted a hint of blood, she didn’t release her grip. Zach gently caressed her trembling body, trying to console her.

He revealed, “Twenty years ago, Hayson financially supported a female university student named Noelle Manning, who happened to be Jasmine’s older sister. After Noelle graduated from university, she was about to marry her boyfriend. On their wedding night, Hayson sexually assaulted her. Following that, Noelle couldn’t bear the shame and tragically committed suicide by jumping off a building.

“What Jasmine did was only to seek revenge for her sister. Madelyn, I know you harbor resentment. But so does Jasmine…”

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