The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 789 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 789

Dalton, his usual playful self, decided to explore and, in doing so, got a firm grip on Zach’s hair. Zach’s stern voice rang out, “Stop moving around.”

The project director froze. The entire room remained silent, heads bowed, and no one dared to utter a word. Zach, known for his rigorous and demanding nature, was infamous for terminating employees on the spot.

Dalton did not stop. It was an uncommon sight to witness the typically serious and professional Zach in such a humorous predicament. But the room’s atmosphere was so tense that most individuals remained glued to their notes, unwilling to even glance at this lighthearted moment.

Upon noticing the silence in the conference room, Zach frowned, ” Continued!”

Dalton, apparently influenced by Zach’s tone, was about to burst into tears. Zach, reacting swiftly, passed the child to Kevin, who stood nearby.

Now carrying a wailing toddler, Kevin had no idea how to soothe him. Their exit from the conference room was followed by immediate cries from Dalton.

As Kevin moved away from the conference room, he happened to overhear a conversation coming from the secretary’s office pantry. A few colleagues were discussing the child with the CEO.

One of them remarked, “Do you know whose child it is, the one with the CEO? Could it be… an illegitimate child? Mr. Jardin just recently married that girl from the Young family, right? If they had a child, we would surely know, wouldn’t we?”

“Who can say for sure? These wealthy families live complicated lives. Rich people tend to have affairs. But I have to admit, in all my years working at the company, this is the first time I’ve seen the CEO bring a child to the office.”

“But Mr. Jardin looked surprisingly handsome when he was holding that child. He’s such a sight to behold. I never expected someone as cold as Mr. Jardin to have such a gentle side.”

“Yes, yes, I couldn’t agree more.”

One of the women, with long curly hair, cast a deep frown as she observed the person diligently preparing coffee to the side. She then exclaimed, “Blake Dion, what on earth is taking you so long to make the coffee I ordered? It shouldn’t be this difficult.”

Blake responded, “It’s almost done, Susan. It’ll be ready soon. I’ll be right there.”

Blake was a recently hired intern. Balancing five cups of coffee, she advanced toward her colleagues. However, she suddenly lost her balance, and all the cups on her tray went flying, splashing hot liquid on the few people who had been engaged in gossip.

The scalding liquid prompted cries of pain from those who were affected.

“What were you thinking? You can’t even manage to hold a tray of coffee properly. What kind of use are you?!”

“Do you know how expensive my clothes are? Tens of thousands of dollars! Can you afford to compensate me?”

Blake apologized, “I’m really sorry. It was an accident. I just cleaned the floor today, and it’s quite slippery. That’s why I lost my balance.”

“Why bother apologizing?” Susan Swift’s voice dripped with annoyance as she directed her glare at Blake. Then, a sly thought crossed her mind as she rolled her eyes, “I won’t demand compensation for my thirty-thousand- dollar outfit. Instead, I have a better idea. Get over here and clean my high heels with your tongue, and I might consider forgiving you.

“Otherwise, you can forget about getting a permanent position in the secretary’s office.”

Blake wanted to roll her eyes, but she maintained an innocent expression. Susan, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry…” Her voice was soft, and she appeared as though she might tear up. Susan responded, “Can’t you understand what I said?”

The bystanders watched the scene unfold but refrained from interfering. This was largely due to Blake’s connection to Cecilia, who was also her intern. The office knew that Cecilia had been involved with Zach since the early days of Jardin Corporation. Rumors suggested that Cecilia had used cunning tactics to secure her position as Deputy CEO of the company.

Women’s jealousy ran deep, and when they disliked someone, they often targeted those around them. Glancing away, Blake noticed Kevin standing just outside the door. Her eyes brightened. “Mr. Harrison?”

The people who had been gossiping a moment ago turned pale as they spotted Kevin holding a child. His presence, along with his demeanor, left them stunned and unable to speak. Eventually, they found excuses to hastily leave the area:

“I still have a report to complete. I’ll work on that now.”

“I have an important client to attend to.

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