The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 792 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 792

Madelyn held a fork, her eyebrows knit in silence. Without looking at him, she could still feel the intensity of his stare. She wore a beige sweater, her long hair pinned up with a few stray strands falling by her ear. The elegant curve of her neck gave off a gentle and friendly vibe. The aura she exuded was something other women from outside could never match for Zach.

Zach knew Madelyn loved fish nuggets. Taking some from the takeout bag, he placed them on her plate.

“Can’t you behave during meals?” Madelyn set down her fork and gently stopped his wandering hand on her chest. Zach said with a mischievous smile, ” They have grown quite a bit.”

Madelyn recalled how he had always been so polite to others, and she wondered why he acted differently around her. It seemed as though there was another side to him, one that was unrestrained. She looked at him and. asked, “Why not show more restraint?”

He leaned closer, noticing her hair’s fragrance. “Didn’t you like it more when I was more open?”

“Zach!” Madelyn’s eyes showed her disapproval. “Do you always have to push the boundaries?”

Feeling uncomfortable, she pulled away from Zach and stood. Without even looking at him, she said, “I’ve brought what you asked for. Take care of Dal on your own later. I’m going home.”

Zach tilted his head, giving a faint smile, but his gaze was cold. As Madelyn turned toward the exit, he casually unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and pulled a cigarette from a drawer, lighting it.

Finding the door locked, Madelyn pulled harder but it remained shut. She spun around, frustration evident. ” What do you want now?”

“Dine with me,” Zach said simply.

“I’ve already had my meal,” Madelyn replied. Zach looked really upset. He jumped up, and his chair hit the wall with a loud crash. He put out his cigarette and hurried toward her. Scared, Madelyn backed up until she was against the wall.

“Why do you always make me mad, Madelyn?”

Madelyn smelled the tobacco on Zach. It bothered her, but she looked straight into his mad eyes. She wondered about the reason behind his anger whenever she voiced her thoughts. She took a breath and said, “I have feelings and thoughts. I’m not your toy or robot. If you want someone who only listens, find someone else.”

Zach took her face in his hand. “Don’t let kindness from me change the way you talk to me.”

However, he held on a little too firmly.” Zach, you’re pressing too hard!” Madelyn exclaimed, eyes watering.

Zach quickly pulled back his hand, noticing a slight redness where he had touched. He attempted to console her, but she stepped back, looking wary. Seeing her reaction, he felt a pang of annoyance.

Madelyn looked down, her thoughts filled with worry. ‘If Zach had grabbed my neck instead, I think he wouldn’t have hesitated to hurt me badly here.’

She spoke up, her voice cool. “I’m sorry. I’m just not hungry. Thanks for your concern.” As she pulled away from him, she quickly added, “Jordan is waiting for me downstairs. Can I go?”

“Madelyn.” He reached out, but she stood still, looking uneasy. Just then, another knock came from the entrance. With a cold voice, Zach said, “Come in.”

Kevin entered, a child in his arms. “Mr. Interrupting him, Madelyn sped past and made it into the elevator just as the doors were shutting. She hit the button for the lobby, but then she realized she had entered the service elevator.

When the elevator paused at the twentieth floor, several people got on. A senior staff member spotted her and asked, “Which department are you from? Why aren’t you wearing your ID badge?”

An employee beside him whispered, ” That’s Ms. Jent.” The senior’s eyes widened. “Oh, Ms. Jent! I apologize. Please forgive my oversight.”

Madelyn intently watched the elevator’s floor indicator. She offered a reassuring smile, saying, “It’s okay.” The chatter stopped. Noticing her, some employees canceled their floor selections, leaving only her destination lit. When the doors opened, they stepped aside, letting her out. Madelyn swiftly left the Jardin Tower and got into her car, thinking, ‘I bet they’ll talk about me.’

On the top floor, the CEO’s computer displayed Madelyn’s departure. Dalton, clutching a baby bottle, looked as if he desperately wanted to be with Madelyn.

‘Doesn’t she want the child?’ Zach was confused, wondering what else might make her stay if not the baby.

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