The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 793 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 793 

As the car left the surveillance area, a person ran onto the road. Jordan hit the brakes hard, and Madelyn lurched forward. Jordan asked, “You okay, Ms. Jent?”

Madelyn lifted her head and saw a woman with shoulder-length hair in a black uniform, sporting a Jardin Corporation ID badge. The woman’s eyes sparkled with urgency, and she had a simple beauty about her. The woman hurried over, tapping on the window, prompting Madelyn to lower it. “Ms. Jent, can you spare a few minutes? I’ve got urgent news.”

Jordan said, “Ms. Jent, Mr. Jardin warned you about talking to strangers.”

Madelyn hesitated a moment. “What’s your name?” The woman replied, “I’m Blake Dion. You may not recognize me, but I’m sure you know my cousin, Mya Harper.”

“Get in,” Madelyn said. As Jordan tried to speak, Madelyn interrupted, “It’s okay, Jordan. Take a break for a bit.”

Blake climbed into the car. Even with the cold, she was sweating. Seeing this, and remembering she had seen Blake rushing from the building, Madelyn handed her a bottle of water. “Take it easy,” Madelyn said. “I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while. Is Mya okay?”

Upon seeing Madelyn, Blake was taken aback. She was even more stunning in person than in the photos from Mya, Blake’s cousin. Not wanting to waste a moment, Blake asked, “Are you attending Mya’s birthday party?”

“Is that the reason for your visit?”

Blake nodded. “Absolutely, it’s crucial that you’re there.”

Madelyn picked up on the urgency in Blake’s voice. “What happened to her?” she asked. As Blake began to explain, her face reflected the gravity of the situation. However, before she could go into detail, she mentioned work commitments and left abruptly.

Noticing Madelyn’s concern, Jordan asked, “Is everything okay, Ms. Jent? Perhaps you should discuss this with Mr. Jardin.”

Madelyn replied, “I’m alright. Let’s head home.”

When Madelyn got home, she went to her room and found the invitation. She looked worried and thought, ‘So much has changed since I left.’

About half an hour later, Margaret came upstairs carrying a plate of pudding. Knowing Madelyn’s penchant for painting, she headed straight to the art studio. Peering inside, she said, Ah, there you are, Ms. Jent! Working on something special?”

Madelyn smiled. “I’m making a birthday present for a friend. Her birthday is the day after tomorrow.”

Margaret’s eyebrows raised in pleasant surprise. “Oh, how sweet! But are you sure you’ll have enough time?”

Madelyn replied, “I’ll finish it by tomorrow.”

It was time to keep a promise she had made to Mya four years ago. Back then, after painting a piece for Forrest, Mya had asked for one of her own. Now, Madelyn was finally making it happen.

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