The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 794 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 794 

Madelyn was sketching a memory of Mya from four years ago. “Ms. Jent,” Margaret said, “how about a break with some pudding?”

Without looking up, Madelyn replied, ” Just leave it there.”

Seeing Madelyn’s concentration, Margaret closed the door, ensuring her privacy. Later, when dinner was ready, Margaret tried to alert Madelyn. But Madelyn responded briefly, indicating she was not ready. Margaret saw the untouched pudding and quietly removed it.

At 6:30 pm, Zach left work early. As the Rolls-Royce pulled in, its headlights danced across the windows. The tires crunched against the pavement. Zach, clearly tired, got out with Dalton under one arm, a damp spot on his striped shirt. Inside, the maid was getting the dishes ready to be reheated.

“Has Madelyn eaten?” Zach asked. Caught off guard by Zach’s voice, the maid almost dropped the dishes. “Mr. Jardin, Ms. Jent’s been in her art studio since she came home. Margaret tried to call her down, but no luck. I’m just about to heat the dinner.”

Zach looked concerned. “Okay.”

The maid hurried to the kitchen. Dalton, having cried the entire ride, now slept peacefully on Zach’s shoulder. Zach climbed the stairs and opened the door to the art studio. Inside, he saw Madelyn splattered with paint, and the room felt warm without any air conditioning. “How much longer on the painting?” he asked, his tone frosty.

As Madelyn tilted her head, her hair clip fell, allowing her long hair to flow freely. “Just a bit more,” she replied. “Ten minutes. Then join me for dinner, or this studio will be empty tomorrow.”

Zach went to a nearby room. He gently placed Dalton on the bed, undressed, and hopped in the shower. Once out, he tossed his expensive shirt in the trash without a second thought.

After thinking it over, Madelyn decided to head downstairs to have dinner with Zach. Before that, she visited the nursery to see Dalton. Seeing her, Dalton stretched out his arms, wanting a cuddle. As she picked him up, she noticed his pants were wet. ‘How did Zach miss this?’ she thought to herself. In the next room, , she changed Dalton into dry clothes and quickly bathed him. Just as she was dressing him, Zach entered.

“Didn’t you notice his wet clothes?” she asked.

“He must’ve wet himself after we arrived,” Zach replied. Madelyn frowned, detecting an odd smell. “What’s that odor?”

She spotted a thrown-out shirt in the trash bin and pieced it together. Taking a breath, she said, “Maybe Margaret could help with Dalton? She’s good with kids.” As “parents”, we both have a lot to learn,’ she mused.

Dalton clung to Madelyn as she and Zach descended the stairs. Events from earlier in the day had left Madelyn distant and reserved toward Zach. She had not eaten much for lunch, so at dinner, Zach served her a generous portion. He watched as she ate everything, appreciating her appetite. The dinner was quiet; both were absorbed in their own thoughts. Zach tried making conversation a few times, but Madelyn’s short replies held him back. After dinner, she excused herself, saying she wanted to continue her painting upstairs.

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