The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 796 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 796


Luke interrupted her with a sarcastic laugh, “Got it. She’s the little sister of Jardin Corporation’s top dog. And how’s that your business? If she genuinely cared, she’d be here by now. Thinking the Harper family can rival the Jardin heiress? Wishful thinking. Honestly, after everything with the Harpers, I’ve had enough.”

Mya had not realized she had brought trouble upon herself, and now her dad was caught up in it. The makeup artist quickly applied makeup as she sat at the vanity. Afterward, she was led to a changing room and dressed in a used wedding gown. Changing into the gown, Mya noticed the many dark bruises covering her body. ‘When are you coming to help me, Madelyn?’

In college, Mya became friends with Luke, a student always tight on cash. Now, Mya sat alone in the lounge, hugging herself, feeling lonely and ignored. The hushed voices of Luke and a woman making out nearby deepened her sense of isolation.

As the clock struck noon, the banquet began. Even with her makeup on, Mya’s eyes showed signs of recent tears and fear. Trying to hide her feelings, she linked arms with Luke. With a casual smile, Luke stepped to the podium and grabbed the microphone.

“Thank you to everyone here for sharing this joyous moment with me,’ Luke said, looking tenderly at Mya. We’ve been together for three wonderful years. Today, I promise to always be by her side.”

Luke knelt on one knee and took Mya’s hand. The MC, with eyes full of anticipation, handed him a black velvet box. When he opened it, a ring gleamed inside.

“I got this ring two years ago, but I never had the guts to ask you. Mya, will you marry me? I promise to always love, cherish, and protect you.”

Tears streamed down Mya’s face. She knew it was all just a show and that agreeing would spell disaster for her family. Guests in the audience whispered, sensing something was not right.

“Doesn’t the bride look unhappy? Is she being forced?” one guest asked.

“Looks like it,” another replied. Luke noticed the audience’s whispers. His girlfriend gave him a sharp look. Clearing away Mya’s tears and with a gentle expression, he said, “I’m sorry, everyone. Mya’s a bit overwhelmed right now. Please understand.” He then whispered to Mya, “If you don’t say ‘yes ‘, your father won’t make it out of the hospital.”

Mya saw Luke’s smile as something terrifying. She wanted to say “no”, but thinking of her father, she felt cornered. In a soft voice, she said, “I… I do.”

Luke slid the ring onto Mya’s finger and then gently kissed her forehead. Just as the audience was taking in the scene, the door flew open. Blake walked in, followed by servers holding an object covered in clothes. “I’m here on behalf of Miss Madelyn from the Jardin Corporation to deliver a gift to my cousin,” she declared. But without missing a beat, her expression darkened as she turned to Luke. “This is for everything you’ve done!” With that, she landed a solid punch on Luke’s face.

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