The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 797 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 797 

After Blake punched Luke, he started bleeding from the corner of his mouth, which sent the party into chaos. Blake quickly grabbed Mya, pulled the ring off her finger, and threw it at Luke, but it bounced off and landed somewhere else.

“This cheap ring’s your idea of love?” Blake snapped. “Luke, you and your freeloading family should just leave.”Seeing the guests’ shocked reactions, Luke said, “Blake, enough! Don’t cause a bigger scene.”

“What if I want to make a scene? What’re you going to do about it? Try and hit me?” Blake challenged. Mya tugged at her arm. “Enough, Blake.“Don’t worry about him, Mya,” Blake said. “Madelyn’s on her way. And once she’s here, all these cheaters will have to answer for what they’ve done. They’ll give back every penny they took from the Harper family.”“Is she really coming?”“Yes.” “Ridiculous! Even if someone important were here, this proposal is happening,” a woman in a poorly fitting dress interrupted. She was Luke’s aunt. “Get her out. Why’s she yelling? We’re here to have a good time.Blake smirked. “Think you’re going to enjoy this feast? Think again!” With that, she dashed off the stage, toppling a food table on her way.Luke’s aunt, her face filled with shock, exclaimed, “Can you believe that? That table cost $600! That’s like a whole month’s wages for some.”Luke’s cousin, the event’s MC, approached looking concerned. “Dude, you need to sort this out. Our plans are in jeopardy. I was hoping to use the Harper inheritance to buy my girlfriend a house. I already promised her.”Luke clenched his fists, his mind racing. Blake had mentioned that someone from Jardin Corporation would be attending today. All he needed was for Mya to accept his proposal. Once the party was over, they could obtain their marriage certificate. By marrying into the Harper family, he would gain ownership of all their assets because of their prior agreement.The thought of Mya having powerful allies worried him. If his actions were discovered, he could be in serious trouble, possibly even facing jail time. He had secured a stable government job, and the prospect of the Harper family’s wealth was tantalizingly close. He had envisioned a luxurious and prestigious life for himself. But now, everything seemed uncertain.Facing Mya, Luke asked, “Did you set this up?”Mya replied, “I had nothing to do with it. But Luke, just remember: when Madelyn gets here, you’re going to wish you hadn’t done any of this.” She took off a bracelet from her wrist and threw it to the ground where it broke into pieces. Mya stood up straight, looking very sure of herself.Luke’s panic grew. He tried to reassure himself: if anyone intended to confront them, they would be here by now. He wondered if Blake was truly upset or just acting. Taking Mya’s hand, he addressed the crowd, “I get that you don’t approve of Mya and me, Blake. But this is about the Harpers. Why bring in someone not part of our family? Think of Mya’s father. He’s in the hospital. Wouldn’t he be disappointed by what you’re doing?”Luke emphasized “Mya’s father”, his gaze cold and distant.Blake shot back, “That’s a low blow, even for you.” She then recalled that her uncle, Simon Harper, remained at Luke’s mercy.

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