The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 798 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 798

“If the CEO of Jardin Corporation and Madelyn are coming, they’ll be welcomed,” Luke declared. “You said she’d be coming, right? Let’s wait twenty minutes. If they don’t show up, we’ll start the party.”

“Alright, twenty minutes,” Mya replied. “We aren’t scared.” Luke’s aunt chimed in, “It’s like we’ve never met important people before. What’s the big deal?”

A teenage boy sitting nearby turned to his sister and asked, “Do you think Mya knows the woman from the Jent family? I’ve never heard Mya mention her.”

“I don’t know, so quit asking!” she replied, clearly irritated.

“Did you sneak into Mya’s closet and wear her clothes again? I’ve told you, those outfits look good on Mya, but on you? Not so much,” he said.

“Ugh! You’re always talking about Mya. If you like her so much, why don’t you just make her your sister and leave me out of it?” she retorted.

The waitstaff at Supreme World set the table and cleaned everything up fast. Luke wanted fresh dishes. Only two minutes of the twenty remained. An old man, about eighty and using a cane, said. stood up. “Let’s start now,” he

“Agreed!” another guest replied. ” Luke, your grandpa isn’t feeling well. With this current drama, there’ll be gossip. How can he go around Ventropolis without folks talking?”

Another person said, “Right. I think the talk about someone important coming is just a rumor. We paid so much money, but where’s the security? Shouldn’t they be removing the troublemakers?”

Blake wished she had Madelyn’s number.

“Maybe the CEO of Jardin Corporation won’t show up,” someone said. ” Considering his status and ours, it would make sense. Mya, what do you think?”

Suddenly, Mya turned to Luke, her face filled with distress. “I don’t want to be with you, and I certainly don’t want to marry you!” The thought of continuing with the dinner and potentially being tied to Luke forever made her heart race with fear.

Luke had already called the hotel’s security. Large men in suits quickly restrained Blake.

“What are you doing? Let me go! There are still two minutes left! Luke, you jerk!” Blake yelled.

Luke remained unfazed, his s eyes gleaming with greed. Pointing to a painting hidden by a cloth, he sneered, “Toss that out too. Let’s see who’ll help you now, Mya.”

“I want to see who’s brave enough to touch her.”

Suddenly, a clear, confident voice captured the room’s attention. Guests turned, their expressions showing surprise and curiosity, as they looked toward the entrance.

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