The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Chapter 799 by Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning by Max Charming Chapter 799

The hotel manager noticed a commotion and was surprised by what he saw. Spotting Kevin, he quickly asked, “What are you doing here, Kevin?”

“I’m with him,” Blake chimed in.

Upon hearing this, the manager signaled the hotel’s security to release Blake, who then ran to stand by Kevin’s side. Blake looked up at Kevin. “Ms. Jent didn’t mention you’d be here.” Seeing him was unexpected, but then again, it did not matter.

Kevin’s presence radiated authority. It was no secret in Ventropolis how influential Jardin Corporation was. Yet, seeing Kevin at this event took many by surprise. After all, Jardin Corporation was a titan, making the Harper family seem ordinary compared to their immense influence, Many wondered about the reason behind such a dominant figure associating with the Harpers.

Without saying a word, Kevin briefly looked at Blake. He then addressed Mya, “Ms. Jent will be a bit longer. In the meantime, Mr. Jardin asked me to come early to present the birthday gifts.” Kevin signaled his bodyguards, who stepped forward with beautifully wrapped gift boxes. “I hope these gifts meet your expectations, Ms. Harper.”

The bodyguards lined up and unveiled dazzling jewelry and fine silk scarves from the boxes. This immediately sent the guests buzzing with excitement.

“Is this for real? That necklace, isn’t it from Paris Fashion Week? The super expensive one?”

“I thought that was super rare! How did Jardin Corporation snag it?”

“I tried to get one too. No dice.”

“And see that blue ring? Isn’t that the Tear of the Ocean? I heard it sold for $ 30 million at a charity event.”

“Do the Harpers and the Jardins know each other well? I mean, a $30 million dollar gift? That’s wild.”

“Man, the Harpers really are making this party huge. Getting gifts from the Jardins? They’re the talk of Ventropolis right now.”

“These gifts have got to be worth a fortune, like a hundred million or so.”

“This is next level!”

At the prestigious Supreme World golf course, Zach wrapped his arms around. Madelyn. Guided by him, she swung a golf club, sending a ball high into the sky, curving until it disappeared from view.

“Are you sure about giving away those jewels?” Zach asked.

The jewelry Mya received was originally Madelyn’s, a gift from Zach. Though it sat untouched in Madelyn’s closet, she thought Mya would appreciate it more. “It’s no big deal,” Madelyn said, shrugging. She never put much stock in material possessions.

Given Zach’s vast wealth, these gifts were just small gestures. In a previous life, he had gifted Cecilia a mansion valued at over ninety million in Venturian currency and a luxury car worth more than seven million in Venturian currency, making these jewels appear modest by comparison.

“The party should be wrapping up soon, don’t you think?” Madelyn asked.

The banquet hall was located on the second floor of the hotel. From where they stood on the golf course, they could clearly see the activities inside the grand hall. Spotting Madelyn’s curiosity, a bodyguard offered a black Bluetooth earpiece. Zach took it and handed it to her, asking, “Want to tune in?”

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