The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388
Quinton had realized something was amiss, and had given Renee an emergency alarm. If Renee pressed that button, the whole
hospital would be alerted. Renee had initially laughed about it, not wanting to wake everyone up because of her selfish desire to
eat cake, but that seemed to have given Stefan the confidence to behave recklessly.
“I just wanted to help you wipe your lips… but I won’t come tomorrow night if you think it’s inappropriate. I’ll also fire the pastry
chef I poached from a top pastry shop.” Raising his brows, Stefan continued, “He was planning to bake a hazelnut cake

“No, please don’t!” Renee’s eyes lit up because she loved hazelnut cake the most. She quickly explained, “Don’t fire him. I’m
sure it wasn’t easy for him to get the job, so let him work tomorrow but… you don’t have to wipe my lips for me. I can do it on my
“Sure, I’ll think it over seeing how concerned and sincere you are,” Stefan said lightly, smiling like a cunning fox.
“Ah!” Renee sighed heavily, ashamed of herself. As always, Stefan was good at analyzing people’s thoughts. He knew that she
was a soft-hearted person and a foodie, and he had used that to slowly break down her walls, making her crave his company…
He really was a devious fox!

Stefan checked the time and realized it was quite late. He stood up to leave, smiling in satisfaction like the cat that got
the cream. “Get some rest; I’ll head back to my ward now. See you again tomorrow at the same time.”
Enter title…
Silent, Renee closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Images of them kissing played on her mind constantly, making her
blush. Somehow, she had gotten entangled with Stefan again, ignoring the fact that their being together would harm each other…
She didn’t dare imagine what kind of crisis would happen next. Since everything had happened late at night, it felt like a dream
that would disappear when she woke up.

After some time had passed, Renee heard rustling again. Although she had her eyes closed, she could feel someone’s fierce
gaze on her, making her skin prickle.
“Stefan?” She opened her eyes and stared at the dark figure in the ward, trying to turn on the light.
“There’s no need to trouble yourself, Miss Everheart. I’m only here to see you because of my master; I’ll leave in a while.” It was
a woman, and her tense voice was filled with suppressed anger.
“Your master?” Renee placed her hand on the emergency alarm that Quinton had given her, prepared to press it in case this
person was an enemy.
“Do you ever think about my master when you hug and kiss that heartless man? He sacrificed so much for you and is now in
such a sorry state. His bright future was ruined, and in the end…” She could speak no more when she reached that point, and
sobbed silently.

“Can you tell me who your master is?” Renee whispered as she put the emergency alarm down. She could tell from the woman’s
voice that she didn’t want to harm her but just felt sorry for her master. Curious, Renee wanted to know who the woman’s master
“Don’t you feel like there’s someone you’ve wronged greatly and can’t forget about?” After taking a deep breath, the woman
spoke again.
“Yes, I do,” Renee said with a heavy heart. “I’ve wronged many people. If there’s a chance, I want to make it up to them because
I don’t like to be indebted to others.”
“My master’s sacrifices aren’t wasted if you think so then…” The woman came forward and placed a bouquet of sunflowers on
the bedside cabinet. “Rest well. I’ll come to you when you’ve recovered, and you should repay him then.
I hope you’ll keep your word.”

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