The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389
A week later, there was finally news from the hospital. Although Renee’s injury was serious, it had healed fast because of the
good treatment, and the risk of paralysis was gone. Everyone was happy and relieved to hear it,
“Great! It must be your good fortune because you helped so many people. I knew that you would be okay!” Leia said excitedly as
she hugged Renee. She’d been so worried about Renee that she hadn’t been sleeping well and had lost a lot of weight. One
might have thought she was the one who had gotten injured instead.

“You’re not allowed to take part in any climbing activities from now on, be it rock climbing, mountain climbing, or even going up
the stairs. If you do, someone has to be around to watch you!” Quinton said sternly. He would never let Renee take any risks like
that again.
“Don’t worry, Quinton. Phoenix won’t get in any trouble under my watch.” Justin was unusually serious as he gazed at Renee.
‘I heard from the doctorthat you’ll be discharged from the hospital in a month, so just hold on until then. If you’re not comfortable
staying in the hospital, I can apply for an early discharge for you and get a professional caretaker for you at home…” Quinton felt
very sorry for Renee as he saw her lying in bed, unable to move.

“It’s okay,” Renee immediately refused him and said, “It’s comfortable staying in this VIP ward, and it’s pretty convenient. You
don’t have to trouble yourself to get me an early discharge.”
“I know you think it’s troubling me, Renee, but you don’t have to worry about it. It’s just an application for an early discharge. It’s
no trouble at all… ’ Patting Renee’s shoulders, Quinton continued solemnly, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. We can go home soon.”
Enter title…

“Umm…” Renee just smiled awkwardly, unsure of how to explain it. It wasn’t because of troubling Quinton that she didn’t want to
leave early… it was because she was used to Stefan feeding her with good food every night. It was like a vow they’d secretly
made, and she didn’t want to ruin it.

“To be on the safe side, I think it’s better to let her stay until the doctor says she can leave,” Justin suggested, actually wanting
Renee to stay in the hospital so he could visit her whenever he wanted. If she went home, Quinton would be guarding her.
“Yeah, I think we’d better listen to the doctor. After all, she’s been staying here for two weeks already, and we shouldn’t move her
around so much,” Leia agreed with Justin.

“It’s three against one, Quinton… Don’t worry about me. Just carry on with your work; this hospital takes very good care of me.”
Smiling, Renee reassured Quinton.
“Alright then, we’ll just listen to the doctor,” Quinton grumbled, reluctantly obeying their wishes.
Suddenly, Leia caught sight of the bright sunflowers on Renee’s bedside table. She asked curiously, “Ren, these flowers look like
they were freshly picked from a garden. Who gave them to you?” She knew that the flowers weren’t from Quinton or Justin
because they weren’t that romantic. They had never given Renee flowers before.

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