The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390
Melancholy washed over Renee as she glanced at the flowers and sighed.
I got them from an old friend.’ “Who’s the person who knows your favorite flower? Do I know them?” Leia picked out a sunflower
and sniffed it.
“Yes, you know him.” Downcast, Renee nodded.
Justin narrowed his eyes at the bouquet and growled, “Do I know him?”
“Maybe,” Renee answered honestly.

“Oh…” Nodding, Justin relaxed. “So it’s not Stefan. It doesn’t matter then.”
“Why not?” Renee looked puzzled.
“It’s because I have nothing to fear if it wasn’t from Stefan, even if it’s flowers, gold, or cash,” Justin said confidently.
Renee was speechless. Justin seemed to be quite dumb even though he looked smart. He would’ve gone mad if he knew that
Stefan brought food to Renee every night and stayed in her ward for more than an hour.
“Regardless, I think he’s a kind man since his gift is just what Ren likes,” Leia declared brightly, happy if the number of Renee’s
pursuers grew.
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“Stop that. What’s going on with you?” Renee, however, was more worried about Leia’s relationship and asked hesitantly, ’ Did
you get back with that person? Don’t let US affect your relationship…”
“I… I’m not in a relationship with him, so it’s fine.” Leia was happy to talk about Renee’s relationships, but became nervous when
it came to hers. She stammered, “I’ve ended things with that person, and now I’ve got a new target that I’m going to start
something with… Just wait and see!”
“Okay, I’ll wait for your good news.” Renee stopped asking questions; she knew that Leia would tell her immediately if there was
any progress. If she didn’t, it meant that there was nothing substantial there yet.

After that, Leia walked out of Renee’s ward, holding a sunflower and sniffing it happily. She was so distracted that she walked
straight into someone. Surprised, she looked up to find the very person they had just been talking about-Xavier Stuart. She
wrapped her clothes tighter around her body and growled at him, “What are you doing here? Are you stalking me, you pervert?
Didn’t I tell you that it was over between US?”
Xavier looked at her and smiled gently. “It’s been a while, my ex-girlfriend.” He had actually come to see Stefan, but
coincidentally bumped into Leia. Although they had broken up with each other, they still felt something stir inside their hearts
when they saw each other.

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