The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392
“What’s the rush? There’s nothing urgent we have to do. Isn’t it nice to relax, have some coffee, and get to know each other
better?” Xavier crossed his legs, rested his chin on his hand and watched her, smirking lazily.
“Don’t you have anything better to do, Xavier?” Leia said through gritted teeth. Her patience was running out, and she wasn’t as
shameless as the mean seated opposite her.
“Nope, the most important thing for me to do is to be with you,” Xavier said flirtatiously as he sipped his coffee.
“You’re crazy!” Leia pretended to vomit at his cheesy line.
After a brief silence, Xavier asked casually, “I heard you’re going to join a love reality show that’s scripted to have you dating
“It’s a rumor!” Leia declared.
Xavier’s joy lasted less than a second as Leia added proudly, “I’m going to date Mr. Dalton; it’s not scripted at all!”
“Leia Osborne!” Xavier called her by her full name for the first time, his tone threatening.
“What’s the matter, Mr. Stuart?” Leia asked smugly, overjoyed at having pissed him off.
“Are you trying to make me mad?” Xavier glared at her icily. “It’s normal for couples to fight, but if you insist on bringing in
another person, the damage will be irreversible.”
Enter title…

“A couple?” Leia raised her brows in amusement. “You and I? Or do you mean Mr. Dalton and I? If it’s the former, I think you’d
better go see a neurosurgeon about your memory. Didn’t we break up?”
“Couples only break up if they stop loving each other, but you and I care so much about each other. This is just a small
argument, we haven’t broken up yet,” Xavier said confidently.
“Egomaniac!” Angry, Leia got to her feet. “I’m not in love with you anymore. You’re just a disloyal scumbag, and I have no respect
for you at all. You’d better go back to your beloved Shirley. Bye!” She stopped herself from splashing her coffee on him, and
stormed out of the cafe.
But Xavier was right. Leia had gotten pretty close to Santiago, and she happened to be on her way to an entertainment company
to sign a contract with Santiago today. As the most lowkey top actor, Santiago never joined variety shows, especially if it was a
show that wasn’t challenging. However, he had accepted a love reality show with only one condition: that he be Leia’s partner.
After leaving the cafe, Leia called Santiago. “Hi, Mr. Dalton. Where are you? I’ve just left the hospital.”
“Turn around, Miss Osborne,” Santiago said gently.
Leia turned around and saw Santiago wave at her from under the lush shade of a tree. He was wearing a mask, but his gaze
was pa**ionate and gentle. Leia’s heartbeat quickened, and a blush tinted her cheeks.

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