The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393
“Mr. Dalton!” Leia looked at Santiago with sparkling eyes and eagerly trotted over to him. Standing under the shade of a tree,
Santiago was much more handsome and charming than any idol. Leia was completely focused on him, and failed to see the
motorbike speeding towards her.
“Be careful!” Santiago called out anxiously as he grabbed her and they both tumbled away from the bike. They dropped to the
ground, locked in each other’s arms intimately. Time seemed to have stopped as Leia and Santiago gazed at each other for a
few seconds, immersed in their own world. After a while, they pulled away from each other and stood up awkwardly.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Dalton. I wasn’t being careful and made you fall.” Leia blushed and smoothed her messy hair, not daring to look at
“No, it was my fault for not going to you immediately,” Santiago said tenderly. His attire was simple, with a blue jeans shirt and a
pair of khaki pants, but his mysterious and charming aura put him in the spotlight wherever he went. Even though he was
wearing a mask, his charms attracted the attention of people around him, which was why the female motorcyclist hadn’t seen
Leia earlier. She had been looking at him, which was why Santiago felt that he should be the one apologizing.
“Haha! Don’t mention it. After all, we’re going to be a couple in a show.” Leia laughed nervously, trying to lighten the awkward
“That’s true… my future girlfriend,” Santiago murmured as he smiled at her teasingly.
Naturally, Leia became flustered. “Ahem, w-we should go to the company now, or Mr. Jiminez will get worried.” She immediately
turned around, calmed her racing heartbeat, and took a deep breath. She could flirt easily, but she would retreat as soon as the
Enter title…

other person flirted back.
They soon arrived at Star Entertainment, the entertainment company Adam worked for. The company was relatively new, and
had only gained popularity in the last two years. It had produced several popular shows and promoted a few young stars in that
time, and had profited greatly from it. In five years, it had successfully become the top fifth entertainment company around, and
was considered a legend in the entertainment industry. Star Entertainment had purposely signed a contract with the prestiged
Adam to improve its standards. Adam was a director in shooting movies, but after going downhill for several years, he became a
director of variety shows. His latest show was “Happy Days” which had become a bit.
Star Entertainment had invested a lot of manpower and resources to shoot a love reality show called “The Choice of Love”.
Undeniably, the mysterious and aloof Santiago would be the focus of the show.

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