The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394
As soon as the news was released, it became the top search on the Internet for days. The media and fans were hungry for news
on the show, and Star Entertainment was on guard because today was the signing ceremony for Santiago and Leia. Almost all
the members of the company’s management department were waiting eagerly fortheir arrival.
Countless party poppers were fired the moment Leia and Santiago stepped into the company, as if the people gathered there
were welcoming a newlywed couple.
“I’m so glad to see you, Santi, Lei… Let’s go to the conference room so you both can sign the contract.” Tense, Adam led them to
the conference room.
There were two men and three women sitting in the conference room, all guests of the love reality show. Some were celebrities,
while others were either elites or ordinary people. However, all of them had one thing in common: they were all breathtakingly
“Wow, you’re so handsome, Mr. Dalton. I’ve heard so much about you!” Megan Flores, a famous young female star, stood up and
enthusiastically spoke to Santiago.
The other two women were Luna Carter, a senior from a famous college, and Angel Baker, an interior designer. They were more
reserved than Megan, but also couldn’t stop staring at Santiago.
“Hey, look at these two! We haven’t even started the show, but their feelings for each other are already clear. Buddy, we’re
definitely going to be the side characters.” A man in sports attire patted another man nearby and sighed dramatically. The man
Enter title…
who spoke was Skylar Rivera, a former World Games swimming champion, and the other man was Hugh Mitchell, a famous
“Why do you say that, Sky? You’re certainly not a side character, and nothing is certain until the show starts. After all, it all comes
down to one’s character. Plus, the crew picked everyone based on their MBTI personalities. You’ll find the person most suitable
for you, and all of you will be in the limelight!” Smiling, Adam tried to ease the tension, and everyone relaxed a bit.
“I have an I personality, and I like to be with the same kind of people…”
“I’m an E, a sociable extrovert. Don’t worry, it’ll always be lively with me around.”
“What’s your personality type? Don’t tell me you’re an INFJ, you look so aloof!”
Everyone was talking to each other happily, including Leia.
“Okay, everyone.” Adam gestured for them to stop talking, then stood in the middle of the room and announced,” Everyone is
here now, and I can see you all have great chemistry. I believe one or two couples will surface in a month, so let’s see how things
“Mr. Jiminez, may I know if we’re going to eat and stay
together this month?” Megan raised her hand and asked.
“Technically, yes, but we’ll change the shooting site halfway. ” Adam nodded.
“Can you tell us where our shooting site is?”
“Not at the moment, but don’t worry… It’s a dreamy place perfect for falling in love!” Adam grinned and said mysteriously.
At that moment, an executive of Star Entertainment walked into the conference room and whispered something in Adam’s ear…

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