The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395
Adam’s expression changed and he started wringing his hands nervously, looking conflicted.
“What’s wrong, Mr. Jiminez?” Leia asked hesitantly.
The happy chatter died down and everyone turned to Adam curiously.
“There’s going to be a small change to our show. Initially, we only had three men and four women, but we now have another
male guest joining us, giving us a total of four men and four women,” Adam announced solemnly as he placed his palms on the
“Ah! Well, I think it’s a good thing to have another male guest because now well have exactly four pairs. It’s much more
interesting this way!” Megan said eagerly.
“Yeah, she’s right. No one will be left behind, and it won’t be that awkward either,” someone else chimed in.
“Yeah, he said that too, but this guest is a bit special. I’m afraid we can’t shoot the show normally if he’s here,” Adam mumbled
and sighed deeply.
“Which big shot is it? How popular is he that he can even affect the shooting?” Arrogantly, Skylar added, “I’ve met quite a lot of
big shots but I can’t imagine who this person could be. Who’s this guest joining us? Tell us!”
As she stared at Adam’s nervous expression, Leia suddenly had a bad feeling about all this. There had to be something special
about this guest to make Adam this worried, and from the looks of it, he was probably a troublemaker.
Enter title…
“I… It’s hard to say. He’ll be here soon though, so you can see for yourself.” Adam sighed again, staring at the floor anxiously as
if he was on the battlefield facing an enemy he couldn’t defeat.
“Hey, he’s here. Let’s give him a warm welcome!” The head of the PR department of Star Entertainment informed everyone
excitedly. At the same time, a group of executives enthusiastically opened the door to the conference room for the guest.
“Hello, ladies and gentlemen,” the man said with an air of casual confidence. “It’s an honor to shoot this show with all of you, and
I hope we can learn from each other from now on.”
Leia’s eyes widened and her mood immediately soured. She punched the table and cursed inwardly, recognizing Xavier’s
arrogant and condescending voice.
“Oh, it’s… Mr. Stuart,” Megan said in surprise. Given his identity and rank, he would most likely be the guest everyone focused
on in this reality show. If she could link herself to him somehow, she would definitely be able to make it big in the entertainment
industry. Even if she couldn’t become his girlfriend, even a scandal would get everyone talking.
“Mr. Stuart, the cream of the crop! It’s great to have you on board.” The arrogant Skylar immediately behaved humbly when he
saw Xavier. Grinning cheekily, he added, “Are boy-to -boy relationships allowed in this show? I call dibs on Mr. Stuart if they are.”

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