The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1396

hapter 1396
“Haha! Skylar, you’re too much!” Everyone burst out laughing.
Adam could only sigh because this was exactly what he was afraid of. Only Santiago could compete with a big shot like Xavier,
and the other guests would eventually just fade into the background. Additionally, the show’s direction would have to change
according to what Xavier wanted, and Adam had a feeling that he and the crew were in for a tough time. He would definitely face
backlash from netizens if the show changed too much.
Adam’s head began to hurt at the thought of it.
Xavier glanced at the silent Leia and smiled charmingly.” Can I call dibs on the woman I’m interested in then?”
“Wow, it looks like Mr. Stuart came here to capture his target! I’m looking forward to it!” Megan giggled, trying to get on Xavier’s
good side. She was the most popular female star in the show for a reason, and she sensibly decided to befriend Xavier once she
realized he was pursuing someone already.
“I wouldn’t join something I can’t win at. I’ll definitely get what I want by the end of this show,” Xavier murmured, staring at Leia
Everyone immediately knew then that Xavier’s target was Leia.
“You’ve got great instincts, Mr. Stuart-Miss Osborne suits
Enter title…

you best out of all the female guests here. Both of your families are a part of the Great Eight of Beach City, plus, you guys are of
the same age and have known each other since childhood. It’s a match made in heaven! The show hasn’t even started, but I’m
already invested in you both as a couple,” Hugh, the actuary, said with a smile.
“You can’t say that! The possibilities are endless since it’s a reality dating show. You might like someone in the beginning, but
that might change as you spend time with other people. Nothing is fixed right now,” Adam said desperately, trying to get the show
back on track. If everyone set their sights on someone from the very start, the show couldn’t progress the way he wanted it to.
“You’re right, Mr. Jiminez. And I’m curious too… Miss Osborne, is there anyone here who’s caught your eye?” Xavier asked Leia
with a mischievous smile.
Leia finally looked up at Xavier and said firmly, “Isn’t it obvious? Of course it’s my idol, Mr. Dalton… He’ll always be my only
The conference room immediately became silent, and the atmosphere became awkward. Xavier and Leia were both very
pa**ionate and direct, but unfortunately, they were interested in different people. Clearly, Leia didn’t return Xavier’s affections,
and had no issue with humiliating him because of it. Everyone looked at him anxiously, expecting him to fly into a rage since he
was rumored to have a bad temper. Usually, nobody would dare to provoke him.
However, Xavier didn’t seem angry at all; on the contrary, he broke into a wide smile. “What a coincidence… I do love a
challenge! I’m sure you’ll change your mind once the show is over, Miss Osborne.”
“Wow, Mr. Stuart is getting competitive! The other guests had better think of some strategies, or else they’ll get left behind.” The
staff had started taking sides too, hoping to please Xavier.
The highlight of the show had now become Xavier and Leia’s game of cat and mouse, and everyone was certain that the mouse
would never be able to outrun the cat.

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