Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 2 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 2 It Hurts

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Anthony had only gazed at Claudia momentarily before his eyes shifted downwards, dodging her stare, and then he entered his car.

His black car was soon a mere speck in the distance, vanishing from Claudia’s view in just a handful of seconds.

Under the dim streetlight, Claudia’s once pristine white wedding gown now glowed a stark crimson from her blood.

Fear turned Rachel’s face ghostly white, too scared to even touch Claudia, worrying it might worsen her situation.

“Cece, fear not! I’ll ring up 911. I’ll do it right now!”

In that moment, Rachel had no thought for Anthony. Whipping out her phone, she dialed 911 in a state of panic.

Jace hurried to the scene as well, his heart sinking as he found Claudia prone on the ground. His face whitened and in a shaky voice, he asked, “Cece, are you alright?”

Uncertain of his daughter’s condition, he also refrained from holding her, fearing there was a broken bone or something. His eyes was now reddening with anxiety.

Claudia’s hand shot up to clutch his arm. The searing pain in her shins drained the color from her face, her tear-filled eyes mirroring her agony. “Dad, it’s so painful!”

The pain was unbearable, in her shins and her heart!

This was Jace’s first time witnessing Claudia in tears. His heart twisted in agony, wishing he could take her place.

“Cece, don’t be afraid. I’m right here. I’m with you!”

Gently, he gingerly cradled Claudia in his arms, but she couldn’t muster any more strength. After whispering a faint “Dad”, she fell into unconsciousness.

With grave injuries, Claudia was rushed to the hospital. After an intensive surgery that lasted more than eight hours, Claudia was finally wheeled out of the operating room.

Yet, her life hung in the balance. If she failed to regain consciousness within forty-eight hours, she might never awaken.

On hearing this, Jace nearly collapsed.

His wife had passed away early, leaving behind their precious daughter. What should have been a joyous day for his daughter was ruined by Anthony’s recklessness.

Looking at the members of the Nixon family, Jace’s patience was worn thin. He erupted, “Get out! I want all of you out!”

He practically chased the Nixon family members away, sparing only Claudia’s best friend, Aurora Haywood, to remain in the hospital room.

As one of the bridesmaids, Aurora was as dumbfounded as everyone else. She had only become aware of the problem when Claudia was already being loaded into the ambulance.

She simply couldn’t comprehend how a wedding could spiral into such a disaster.

Anthony was so cruel!

Rachel and her husband, Henry Nixon, found themselves expelled from the hospital by Jace. Watching Jace’s receding back, Henry couldn’t help but question Rachel, “Where’s Anthony?”

At the mention of Anthony, Rachel’s expression darkened.

If Anthony hadn’t fled from his own wedding, Claudia wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Rachel didn’t understand what had caused her son’s infatuation with Delilah, leading him to abandon Claudia on their big day.

The Nixon and Marshall families were ridiculed and became the subject of mockery in Linmarsh after the embarrassing incident.

Claudia was the most affected, having nearly reached the altar when Anthony deserted her.

Anthony’s decision to run away from the wedding undoubtedly placed Claudia in the most humiliating and embarrassing situation.

It was on the second morning when Claudia finally regained consciousness. Upon opening her eyes, she saw Aurora resting beside her bed. Struggling to move, she discovered her whole body swathed in bandages.

Her movements limited to her hands.

Bearing the pain, Claudia reached for her phone and switched on the screen, disappointed to find no new messages.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. The news headline read, “Anthony of the Nixon family deserts his own wedding to the Marshalls and flees to Northmarble overnight for his beloved…”

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