Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 73 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 73 She Has To Take The Initiative

Yesterday, Claudia had been a tad weary, so she slept in and woke up late today. She shot a whimsical emoji Aurora’s way before freshening up.

Jace had been off to a morning meeting at the office early on.

As Claudia munched on her breakfast, she casually surfed Twitter.

She couldn’t care less about the Delilah- Anthony gossip. Her interest lay in the comments on Mathews’ Twitter.

Her relief was palpable when she found that Mathews’ recent announcement garnered a slew of positive reactions.

Following Mathews’ tweet, Claudia’s follower count shot up by a staggering two hundred thousand.

Claudia’s Twitter activity was more about browsing than actual tweeting.

Her Twitter account, unverified by the platform, had a meager count of eight tweets over seven years, three of which she posted during a recent online spat with Delilah. Her fans appreciated her understated presence, leaving comments urging her to tweet more frequently on her latest post.

Claudia, pleased, logged out of Twitter.

Shortly after, she received a message from her assistant, Joann Norris. “Cece, your Twitter followers have skyrocketed. Want me to get your account verified?”

Claudia was quick to decline, “No, no, no.”

Water could carry a boat, but also destroy it.

Claudia, unlike Delilah, preferred a low-profile existence. Delilah, after publishing her novel and gaining online fame, took a significant hit following a massive backlash from netizens. Understanding Claudia’s disposition, Joann didn’t push the matter. She changed the topic, “Alright. And about the show on the 20th, are you still in?”

Claudia pondered a bit before replying, “I believe I can.”

Her part in the show was simple. It was playing the piano at the start and then just sitting. Nothing too challenging.

“Great! I’ll confirm your participation! Rest well.”

“Will do.”

After the conversation, Claudia made her way to the piano room, intending to practice for an hour before lunch.

While Claudia enjoyed her relaxed lifestyle, Delilah had a taxing day.

Her rendezvous with Anthony at a hotel yesterday had sparked a wildfire of online rage, painting her as a home-wrecker. Her Twitter was swamped with over thirty thousand negative comments. Had she not disabled the comments, the count could easily have crossed a hundred thousand.

But that wasn’t her chief worry. Her Internet fame had landed her some endorsements, and now with her tarnished reputation, those brands were rushing to terminate their contracts.

In light of her actions, those companies not only terminated their contracts but also demanded liquidated damages triple her endorsement fees, adding up to a colossal sum of ten million dollars.

Furthermore, one of her novels was being adapted into a TV series. However, due to the negative comments surrounding the author, the TV series was likely to be cancelled.

The investor had already filed a lawsuit against Delilah, seeking compensation of around eight million dollars.

Delilah was ghostly pale at the prospect of nearly twenty million dollars in compensation. She felt her world collapsing around her.

But she hadn’t thrown in the towel just yet!

Anthony was still in the picture!

Everyone was privy to their affair, and Delilah had hoped to gain Anthony’s sympathy, possibly his assistance. But she realized she couldn’t wait for him to come to her.

She had to act first.

With that thought, Delilah swiftly put away the termination letters, went to her room, and applied makeup to mimic an ill, frail appearance.

Satisfied with her pale reflection in the mirror, she slipped into a white dress.

Then she went to the Azuba Company with the letter of termination.

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