Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 77 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 77 Embarrass

The weight of the moment was overwhelming for Claudia.

Lifting her gaze, she offered an uneasy grin. “Dad, we have an appointment with a friend later. Let’s have dinner together next time!”

She dreaded the idea of her father recounting her childhood missteps to Bennett should they stay for any longer.

Jace showed indifference. “Alright. It’s vital for youths like you to explore more during the weekends.”

“You’re youthful too, Dad! Your girl is as radiant as an eighteen-year-old!” Claudia retorted, her hands supporting her chin, a playful expression on her face.

This had always been their dynamic, Claudia playing the spoilt child to her father.

Claudia’s commendation of Jace didn’t miss an opportunity to sing her own praises. As her hands dropped, the realization that Bennett was still beside her hit her.

She was taken aback.

Looking towards him, she saw Bennett studying her, a soft smile shining in his eyes. “Isn’t that so, Bennett?”

“Yes, your father’s indeed youthful,” Bennett agreed. Jace responded with a light chuckle, “Alright, I’m done. You may go upstairs to prepare.”

He cast a glance towards the piano room, eyes glistening. “We’ll also arrange for the piano to be moved to your new house.”

Just two months prior, Claudia’s upcoming wedding with Anthony hadn’t stirred such feelings in Jace.

But now, with Bennett personally coming for Claudia, Jace was confronted with the reality. of his daughter’s growth.

She had a family of her own.

The mix of pride and melancholy was almost overwhelming.

He had raised Claudia with great care and parting was difficult.

Yet, in the presence of his son-in-law, Jace put up a brave face. Quickly regaining composure, he said, “Sweetie, after breakfast, guide Bennett to your room to pack up your things.”

The idea of leaving her father had always been daunting for Claudia. It was now a reality. Despite her fears, she had already tidied up her room the previous day. “Understood, Dad!”

As Claudia finished breakfast, she glanced at Bennett.

“Well… Do you want to go to my room?”

Bennett met her gaze. “Yes.”

“But it might be slightly cluttered.”

“I’ve braced myself.”

Claudia was stunned.

Couldn’t he just say something nice and comforting?

Contrary to her declaration, Claudia’s room was immaculate. She had spent over three hours tidying up the previous day.

Moments later, Claudia led Bennett into her room with a triumphant smile. “Doesn’t seem too bad, does it?”

Bennett scanned the room, his eyes tracing the remnants of Claudia’s past and inhaling the refreshing scent.

His eyebrows furrowed as he responded with a gravelly voice. “It is a bit chaotic.”

His thoughts were swirling.

“What? How is it chaotic?” Claudia retorted, clearly discontented.

Her room was not disorderly. Everything was neatly placed in its appropriate place.

Bennett remained silent, his gaze landing on the two large suitcases in the corner. “Is that your luggage?” Claudia was ready to argue but then the memory of his spacious and neat bedroom gave her pause. She had to admit, her room was somewhat cluttered compared to his.

Shaking off her thoughts at his question, she responded, “Yes.”

Bennett looked at her. “You claimed you didn’t have much stuff?”

Claudia blushed. “Only two suitcases. That’s not much.”

“It is.”

Claudia was left dumbfounded, blushing even more.

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