Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 78 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 78 No Matter What Happened

With a disgruntled expression, Claudia refused to contest with him. “I’m all set. Everything I need is in these two luggage pieces.”

Avoiding her gaze, Bennett responded, “I’ll have the driver come up.”

As he uttered the words, his attention was drawn to her bandaged right leg. Her cast was off, but the bandages remained. “Are you able to manage the stairs on your own?”

Caught off guard, Claudia countered, “Didn’t I go upstairs by myself just now?”

Unexpectedly, Bennett halted his phone interaction. He slipped the phone back into his pocket and approached her.

As he bent down in front of her, Claudia noticed the fresh, woodsy scent emanating from him, which slightly took her breath away. “What… What’s the matter?”

“Weren’t you just implying that I neglected to carry you upstairs?” he questioned, placing his hand gently on her hip.

Before she could react, Bennett scooped her up into his arms. When did she ever complain? Claudia instinctively looped her arms around his neck.

With the thought of Jace being downstairs, she blushed and demanded, “Put me down. I’m perfectly capable of walking!”

The man arched an eyebrow, took a scrutinizing look at her, and stated slowly, “I beg to differ.”

As he voiced his sentiment, he held her close and proceeded to descend the staircase.

The moment Jace ended his call, he turned around to see Claudia being transported downstairs in Bennett’s arms.

Observing his daughter, Jace inquired, “Hasn’t your leg practically healed?”

Claudia flushed. “Yes, Dad.”

Bennett was adamant about carrying her.. What was she supposed to do?

Eyeing Bennett, Jace broke into a grin. “Her leg is nearly good as new. She’s fully capable of walking on her own.”

He really didn’t need to go to the trouble of carrying her.

Settling Claudia on the couch, Bennett said, “Cece mentioned her leg was causing her discomfort.”

He lied effortlessly.

Bennett fetched a cushion and positioned it behind Claudia’s lower back. He then stood and retrieved his phone. “I’ll call the driver.”

Subsequently, he exited, leaving Claudia and Jace in the living room, sharing a glance.

As he watched Bennett’s retreating figure, Jace commented, “Cece my dear, it’s sweet of Bennett to pamper you, but you really shouldn’t exploit him.” a

Struggling to explain, Claudia responded, her cheeks ablaze, “I understand I messed up, Dad.”

Jace heaved a sigh. “If only you two had met sooner.”

Claudia felt uncomfortable. Even if she had.

met Bennett earlier, she wouldn’t have dared

approach him in the past.

Obviously, Claudia couldn’t disclose this to Jace.

Shortly after the call, Bennett reentered. He shot a glance at Claudia and said, “I’ll fetch your suitcases from upstairs.”

Jace felt somewhat guilty for letting his son-in- -law handle all the heavy tasks. “Sit down, Bennett. I’ll have Elmo bring down the luggage.”

Bennett rolled up his sleeves. “No need. There are just two suitcases, and although they may be a bit heavy… I can manage them.”

Bennett’s thoughtfulness far surpassed Anthony’s. The more Jace got to know Bennett, the more impressed he was. Before Claudia departed, he advised her to keep her temper in check. He stressed the importance of patience and understanding in a marriage.

Claudia, face flushed, nodded in agreement. What else could she possibly say?

However, Bennett, who was standing nearby, suddenly intervened, “Mr. Marshall, I married Claudia because I love her. Regardless if she’s headstrong or indulged, it won’t affect my affection for her.”

Then, turning his gaze towards Claudia, he continued, “I don’t want her to change. She can just be herself. I appreciate her just the Iway she is and I want her to be happy.”

Jace was touched by his words. Even Claudia, who was standing to the side, was moved.

It was the first time she realized Bennett had such a way with words.

Jace clapped Bennett on the shoulder and said, “Next time you visit, remember to call me dad.”

Jace shot him an expressive glance and smiled.

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