Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 79 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 79 Why Is It Impossible

Claudia’s cheeks turned a bright shade of red. She was taken aback. Her father had been deceived so easily, and by Bennett no less, a man who wore an air of severity, frigidity, and dignity and was not expected to utter lies.

At the start, she was hesitant about leaving her home. However, the unexpected camaraderie between Jace and Bennett had left her flustered, a feeling so overwhelming that it made her want to create a distance as quickly as possible.

To her relief, the awkwardness ended soon. Settling in the car, Claudia finally let out a sigh of relief.

As she turned her head, she was met with Bennett’s piercing gaze. He was also in the car. “It seems that you can’t wait to move to my house.”

Feeling cornered, Claudia stuttered, “I was just surprised at your talent for deceit.”

Her father had fallen for it too.

“Drive us to the villa,” Bennett commanded, and the drive started the car slowly. He averted his gaze, rolled down his sleeves nonchalantly and inquired, “Why do you think I’m lying?”

Hearing that question, Claudia’s heart fluttered. He suddenly lifted his gaze, looking at her intently with his deeply-set eyes. “Perhaps I was telling the truth.”

His eyes were inky black, beckoning her into their abyss.

Claudia’s mind blanked out. She swallowed with difficulty as her mouth and throat seemed to stop functioning for no apparent reason.

The closeness between them was such that

the familiar scent of wood almost

overwhelmed her senses.

His intense gaze heated her from within.

It took her about half a minute to gather her thoughts.

Forcing a smile, she avoided meeting his eyes. “That can’t be.”

“Why not?” Bennett countered with a calm. demeanor.

He seemed unaffected by her discomfort and probed further.

Glancing at him, Claudia composed herself and retorted, “You’ve known me for a short while only.” As she said that, it felt as if she had uncovered a hidden truth about Bennett. “Are you seeing me as a substitute for someone else?”

Could that be the reason for his affable behavior towards her?

The thought seemed plausible.

Bennett was at a loss for words.

His gaze narrowed as he finally replied, “You’re overthinking.”

Noticing his sudden frosty demeanor, Claudia was convinced her speculation was accurate.

Her embarrassment had completely vanished. With a slight shift in her posture, she propped her chin on her hand, and peered at the icy -man beside her. She decided to turn the tables on him. “Why am I overthinking?”

She even conjectured that Bennett’s agreement to their marriage might be linked to his past romantic interest.

Cupping her face, she questioned, “Do I resemble her? My eyes or nose? Do we share similarities?”

This was her first experience being a “substitute,” which stirred a hint of curiosity in her.

Bennett glanced at Claudia, his Adam’s apple shifting noticeably.

He nudged her to settle down in her seat. “Sit.””All right.”

Claudia complied, but her curiosity about the matter hadn’t diminished.

She turned to probe further, but her vision was abruptly obscured by a large hand. “Have some rest.”

“I’m not tired,” Claudia retorted, a hint of embarrassment in her tone.

His warm palm rested over her eyes, covering a significant portion of her face.

Her face heated up, and she gently tugged his hand away.

As her sight cleared, she once again met his penetrating gaze.

“I am,” he said.

He had spent the previous night awake, tangled in his thoughts.

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