Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 80 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 80 We’re Home

Bennett’s words were softly whispered, a crack of emotion piercing through his voice.

With guilt prickling her, Claudia refrained from teasing him. “Rest your eyes, then.”

“Be quiet.”


She didn’t believe she was causing such a ruckus.

Suddenly, silence claimed the car. As Claudia glanced out the window, a wave of anxiety I washed over her.

She hadn’t shared a home with a man since reaching adulthood, except for her father of course.

Despite being married and sharing a home, their relationship was supposed to be merely a facade. To complicate matters further, the person she was going to reside with was Bennett. It was completely understandable for her to feel overwhelmed and unsettled by the situation.

And Bennett’s villa only had one bedroom…

The car’s confined space was filled with Bennett’s earthy, woody aroma. This scent seemed to cast a tranquil spell on her. She inhaled, slowly succumbing to sleep.

Truthfully, her sleep had been poor the previous night, marred by unsettling dreams.

Bennett’s driver maintained a steady pace while Claudia slept deeply, her head resting comfortably against the window.

Although Bennett claimed to be tired, he turned his head and glanced at Claudia, whose head had unintentionally bumped against the window during her sleep.

The sunlight bathed Claudia’s face, highlighting her flawless skin.

The car came to a halt as it reached a red traffic light.

Due to the inertia of the sudden stop, Claudia swayed forward, and her forehead inadvertently collided with the window.

The impact was surely painful, but she showed no sign of waking up.

After all these years apart, she could still sleep

so peacefully.

Bennett’s lips curled into a smile as he reached out to her.

His broad shoulder was undeniably more comfortable than the rigid window.

Claudia, seeking even more comfort, adjusted her posture and nestled herself on Bennett’s chest, finding a contented state as she continued her peaceful sleep.

Amused, Bennett lightly pinched her cheek.

Casting a fond glance at the sleeping Claudia, a smile teased his lips.

Twenty minutes later.

As the car rolled to a halt, the driver began to inform them of their arrival. But before he could speak, Bennett gestured for silence.

Understanding instantly, the driver quietly exited the car, hauling their luggage into the villa.

In the end, the vibration of Bennett’s phone roused Claudia. She blinked in confusion, the world still fuzzy around her. Seeing Bennett’s face close to hers, she didn’t think twice before asking, “Are we here?”

“You’re awake?”

Claudia felt a stiffness in her back and wanted to stretch. But when she shifted her hands, she froze.

Why was she clutching Bennett’s arm?

Claudia looked from her hands to Bennett,

realization dawning on her. “I didn’t mean to.” She hastily withdrew her hands, her drowsiness instantly evaporated.

What was she doing? She had been nestled against his shoulder, his arm cradled in her hands!

Embarrassment washed over Claudia like never before. If she could, she would shut her eyes and escape into sleep again.

She didn’t intend to take advantage of Bennett!

When she slept, she usually clung onto something. She had initially fallen asleep leaning against the window, so why was shet gripping Bennett’s arm when she awoke?

“Is that so?”

Bennett shot her a nonchalant look before opening the car door.

“We’re home.”

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