Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 83 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 83 There’s No Such A Woman

Claudia delicately brushed the piano keys and swiveled around to face Bennett. “Is this piano a surprise from you for me?”



The grin on her face evaporated in a moment, a wave of disappointment washing over her. Swiftly retracting her hand, she sprang up from her seat and approached Bennett, a forced smile on her face. “So, for whom is the piano?” Pausing for a moment, an idea flashed through Claudia’s mind, prompting her to ask, “Is this a gift for that woman? The love of your life?” Bennett fell silent, lost for words.

Observing his icy gaze, Claudia sensed her. assumption might not be far from the truth. She quickly apologized, “My apologies. I didn’t mean to play the piano that belongs to her. 1 didn’t know. If it helps, I can clean the keys.”

Aurora once mentioned that in those romantic tales, the hero always had a deep-rooted sense of possession towards one special woman- usually his first love. Anyone who dared to tamper with her belongings would face his wrath. Claudia was unsure if Bennett shared a similar intense obsession, but she could sense his displeasure.

A tense aura seemed to engulf them, Claudia turned to Bennett in shock. “Could you say something? Feel free to scold me if it makes you feel better!”

He remained silent, his gaze burning through her.

Bennett lifted his hand and massaged his forehead, evidently irritated. “There’s no such a woman.”

Pausing briefly, he turned to her and added, “The piano was arranged for a fool who’s just moved in.”

Caught off guard by his response, Claudia queried, “Why would you get a piano for a fool? Wait a minute. Besides us, is there a third roommate?”

A hearty laugh escaped Bennett. His laughter resonated deeply in the room.

Claudia was perplexed. “What’s so funny?”

After saying that, she suddenly thought of something and asked, “Is this piano prepared for me?”

“Indeed,” Bennett confirmed, his laughter subsiding. He feared if he didn’t clarify, Claudia might spin a more ridiculous story.

Claudia was dumbstruck.

Why on earth did he call her a fool?!

Keeping her anger in check for the love of the piano, Claudia gleefully approached the piano and suggested, “How about I serenade you with a tune? Have you ever listened to my music? I’ll give you a personal concert tonight!”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve heard your performances before.”

Bennett cast a quick glance at her, and then proceeded to recline on the sofa. “Go on.”

Claudia was pleasantly surprised to learn he was familiar with her concerts. She felt an even greater joy as she began to play Kikujiro No Natsu for Bennett.

The lively piano melody flowed from her fingers. Claudia’s demeanor when playing the piano was distinctively different from her usual persona.

She seemed utterly absorbed in her own universe, radiant with confidence. Even sans the stage lights, she gleamed.

As the melody came to a halt, Claudia turned to Bennett, her eyes glinting like the starlit sky.

A similar sparkle danced in Bennett’s eyes as he clapped enthusiastically. “Brilliant performance.”

Claudia blushed slightly, uttering, “Thank you, Bennett.”

His thoughtful surprises deeply touched her heart.

“It was my pleasure.”

After inspecting the piano room, Claudia selected a guest room for herself.

Bennett chose not to comment. After she made her choice, he lugged her two large suitcases upstairs.

They shared a modest meal at midday. In the afternoon, Bennett had to return to work for a meeting.

Claudia spent the rest of her day arranging her belongings from the two suitcases in her room.

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