Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 84 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 84 Pick Whatever You Like

At about five o’clock in the evening, Claudia was startled by a surprise text from Bennett. The message detailed their plans for an outdoor dinner and his arrangement for a driver to come and fetch her.

Caught off guard, Claudia’s immediate assumption was a business meal. With a rush of energy, she bounced up from her bed to ask, “Should I dress in a particular way? Should I wear makeup?”

Even though their matrimonial bond was a charade, she didn’t want to make Bennett look bad in front of his business partners.

Not long after, Bennett’s response arrived. “Pick whatever you like.”

His nonchalant response left her speechless.

Despite Bennett’s laissez-faire approach, Claudia decided on a lengthy, sophisticated dress, accompanied by a touch of subtle makeup. She even dedicated ten minutes to weave her hair into a braid before the driver arrived.

Satisfied with her appearance, Claudia grabbed her purse and made her way downstairs.As soon as she reached the bottom, the doorbell chimed.

The face appearing on the video intercom was Allan, Bennett’s driver. “Mrs. Dreskin.”

Hobbling out of the villa, Claudia realized she had forgotten her wheelchair. Her leg, not yet fully healed, wobbled beneath her.

As Claudia made her way outside, she noticed the car door already open, courtesy of the driver. “Mrs. Dreskin, Mr. Dreskin is at the office. We need to swing by there first.”

“Alright, thank you,” Claudia replied, before clambering into the car.

The Segarine Group headquarters wasn’t a great distance from the villa. A fifteen-minute ride at most.

Claudia utilized the short journey to inspect her face through her phone’s screen. As she ensured her makeup was still intact, the car door swung open, and Bennett slid in, his familiar woody scent filling the car. Claudia turned her head instinctively towards him.

Feeling a tinge of guilt after accepting Bennett’s piano, Claudia couldn’t help but look at him with a smile.

What a generous man!

She had never anticipated a four-million- dollar piano as a present from Bennett! Bennett’s eyes seemed fixated on her face as he questioned, “Did you apply makeup?”

His question made Claudia slightly flustered. “Just a bit. We are heading to a significant event, after all.”

Bennett chose not to clarify any further, instead he complimented, “You look stunning,”

His sudden compliment caught Claudia off guard.

She blushed, managing to stammer out a “Thank you.”

As the car started moving, Claudia fiddled with her braids, finding them irritating.

It was itchy.

She withdrew her hand and cast a glance at the man next to her.

To her surprise, he was also observing her. But when their eyes met, he showed no embarrassment.

His deep, dark eyes seemed to take her breath away. After two seconds, she had to divert her gaze.

The car’s air conditioning was on full blast, but Claudia felt a warmth spreading.

As the evening progressed, the setting sun cast a warm orange glow in the sky, and its rays illuminated Bennett’s face through the window, intensifying his handsome appeal. Observing Bennett, Claudia concluded that he indeed was God’s favorite creation..

His defined facial features outshone many of the famous male celebrities in the entertainment industry.

The car pulled up to the hotel sooner than she’d expected. Claudia quickly averted her gaze, fidgeting with her fingers in guilt.

Bennett opened his eyes slowly as Allan, the chauffeur, exited the car to open the door for him. “Mr. Dreskin, Mrs. Dreskin, we’ve reached the hotel.”

Bennett’s glance shifted to Claudia, noting her reddened ears. He coolly remarked, “Let’s proceed.”

“Okay,” Claudia responded, shifting to exit the car, only to find a wheelchair waiting for her. “What?”

Bennett turned his gaze down towards her, inquiring, “What’s wrong? Is your leg hurting again?”

The question Claudia dreaded the most. She feared he would crouch down and carry her in his arms again, so she swiftly seated herself in the wheelchair.

Bennett pushed Claudia’s wheelchair into the hotel, a waiter leading them to the elevator.

They were headed to the top floor. Claudia felt a wave of nervousness as she asked, “Is the guest tonight important?”

Bennett cast his gaze downwards at her.

“There are no guests.”


“Just dinner for two.”

Claudia’s cheeks blushed in realization. “Oh, I see.”

If he had informed her sooner, she might not have dressed up so carefully.

However, Claudia quickly felt grateful for her effort to doll up that evening.

After all, she needed to be dazzling when facing her ex-boyfriend.

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