Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 85 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 85 Fancy Restaurant

Seated on her wheelchair, Claudia was being propelled forward by Bennett. As they exited the elevator, the opposite elevator door slid open.

It was Anthony who emerged from the elevator.

A woman accompanied him, but it wasn’t Delilah.

Claudia was actually surprised by Delilah’s absence, since she thought Anthony cared about that woman.

However, she merely shot the pair a quick look before turning her attention elsewhere. Bennett didn’t even spare them a glance, instead he navigated the wheelchair straight into the restaurant.

Catching sight of Claudia unexpectedly, a wave of emotion washed over Anthony. Days had passed since their last encounter. Unable to resist, he called out, “Claudia!”

Yet, by the time the word had left his mouth, Bennett had whisked Claudia into the restaurant. Anthony’s mood soured. He turned to the woman beside him, Kristy Murray, suggesting, “Miss Murray, perhaps we could reschedule for another time?”

But Kristy was reluctant to postpone. “Mr. Nixon, now that we’re here, why not have dinner anyway? Furthermore, You ex is dining with her new husband. Do you feel remorse about having dinner with me?”

Anthony couldn’t deny Kristy’s words irritated him.

With the thought of Claudia and Bennett nearby, he relented. “Miss Murray, you have a point.”

A fancy restaurant occupied the top floor. Its ceiling, a clear sheet of glass that offered a glimpse of the starry sky when weather permitted.

Close to the entrance, a small stage housed a piano. Upon Claudia and Bennett’s arrival, the keys of the piano were giving life to Canon.

The restaurant was expansive, consuming half of the building’s top floor. Tables were generously spaced, their respective conversations becoming inaudible in the vastness of the dining area.

Before their arrival, Bennett had booked a reservation.

They were led to a booth by the window. “Good evening, Mr. Dreskin, Mrs. Dreskin,” greeted the waiter, his hands sketching a welcoming gesture. Claudia shifted from the wheelchair to a chair while Bennett occupied the seat opposite hers, instructing the waiter to stow away the wheelchair.

Claudia had visited this restaurant with Aurora once, but never had she been seated by the window, let alone such a prime spot.

The realization of how money and power could alter experiences dawned upon her.

“What do you want to eat?” Bennett inquired, passing her the menu.

Claudia accepted with a soft, “Thank you.” Soon after, Anthony and the woman were approaching their table..

With a clearer view, Claudia recognized the woman.

It was Kristy.

Rumor had it that Kristy held affections for Anthony, while he had always been disinterested in her.

It was unexpected to see them together, more so in this restaurant.

But why did they choose this same restaurant as theirs?

Irritation crept in as Claudia felt Anthony seemed to pop up wherever she went. Suddenly, she felt a gentle warmth brush against her lips.

“What’s the matter?” she inquired, looking towards Bennett who had just retracted his hand.

“There was lipstick on your mouth’s corner,” he explained.

A blush spread across Claudia’s face, “Oh, my apologies!”

It was so embarrassing!

She quickly pulled out a small mirror from her bag, but found no trace of lipstick.

Bennett seemed to understand her confusion. “I’ve already cleaned it off.”

“Thank you. Next time, just let me know. 1 wouldn’t want your hands to get dirty.”


Bennett responded nonchalantly. “Have you decided?”

“I… I guess.”

Claudia found herself at a loss for what to order, but when she locked eyes with Bennett, her words took a different turn.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure what I want,” Claudia admitted, a slight hesitation in her voice.

The prices on the menu were unbelievably high and she considered it wasteful to order such expensive dishes..

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