Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 86 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 86 Abandon

Looking Claudia from across the room, Anthony felt a strong urge to approach her. He started to move towards her but was taken aback as he observed Bennett’s hand tenderly brushing her lips.

Their interaction was soft, with a hint of Claudia’s coy demeanor. The air between them was electric with intimacy.

A twinge of heartache surged through Anthony, his desire was to whisk Claudia away.

However, the harsh reality was that she didn’t even give him a second glance.

Saddened by the realization, a bitter taste filled Anthony’s mouth.

Kristy had noticed Anthony’s constant glances at Claudia ever since their arrival. As he began to drift towards Claudia, Kristy couldn’t contain herself. “Mr. Nixon, our table is this way.”

Upon hearing Kristy’s voice, Anthony averted his gaze and proceeded to their table, leaving behind his previous position.

Their table was approximately thirty feet away from Claudia’s. Once seated, Anthony’s gaze remained fixed on Claudia, his eyes unwavering and captivated by her presence. Feeling like a joke, Kristy’s frustration reached its boiling point, and she erupted in a fit of anger. In a moment of fury, she forcefully threw the tableware she held onto the table, capturing Anthony’s attention and causing him to turn his gaze towards her.

“Anthony Nixon.

Can’t you show a little courtesy to me?”

“I apologize,” Anthony replied, avoiding Kristy’s gaze. “I believe you’re aware that my presence here is merely a formal obligation.”

He never had any romantic interest in Kristy. The only reason he was dining with her was due to Rachel’s coercion.

Had he known he would encounter Claudia, he would have certainly rejected Kristy’s dinner invitation.

Kristy’s face drained of color. “Is this about Claudia?”

Anthony didn’t respond, which was an implicit admission.

Over the years, Kristy had continuously failed to gain Anthony’s affection due to his feelings for Claudia.

Yet, what was so special about Claudia? How could she love Anthony and marry Bennett just six weeks after their supposed wedding?

Finding the situation absurd, Kristy blurted out, “You think Claudia left you because of Delilah? Don’t fool yourself, Anthony. Even an outsider like me can see there’s nothing between you and Delilah. How could Claudia miss that? You’ve been together for years, and she marries Bennett just after your engagement? All because of a mere rumor about you and Delilah? Get real! She just wanted to snag a rich husband! Now that she found someone with a more prestigious background, she has easily left you behind!”

Anthony retorted, “Claudia isn’t like that.”

“Then explain to me, why would she marry Bennett within a month and a half? Did she even know him beforehand? I doubt it. After being with you all these years, how could she forget you just after spending a few weeks with Bennett?”

“What authority do you have to question her?” Anthony snapped back, standing up abruptly,

leaving the table in a huff.

Before his exit, he glanced at Claudia and Bennett one last time.

He couldn’t tell what they were discussing. but Claudia’s flushed cheeks felt like a jab to his heart.

His hands clenched tight, Kristy’s words echoing in his mind. Yet, he managed to keep his composure. Grinding his teeth, he turned and walked away, repeating to himself, “Claudia isn’t like that.”

Before his departure, he gave one final look at Claudia, leaving Kristy fuming with rage.

Shortly after, a waiter arrived with their meal on a cart.

Kristy then averted her gaze, composed herself, and proceeded to pick up the knife and fork.

Recognizing the authenticity of the food in the French restaurant, Kristy decided to make the most of her presence there and resolved to finish the meal before departing.

She firmly believed that her earlier remarks had definitely hit Anthony’s weak spot.

So she wasn’t in any rush. After all, Anthony had ended things with Delilah.

Given that Claudia was now married to Bennett, it was only a matter of time before Anthony would be hers!

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