Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 87 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 87 She Becomes A Hugger When She Is…

Anthony, in a huff, had departed before the feast was even presented. Still, a comfortable warmth lingered between Claudia and Bennett. Claudia was in a good mood and even sipped

some wine.

Although she had a low tolerance for alcohol and couldn’t consume much wine, she couldn’t resist the perfect combination of wine and French cuisine.

The expensive dishes they had ordered appeared visually appealing and emitted a delightful aroma, enticing their senses.

Claudia was overjoyed with the dinner. She refrained from indulging too much in the white wine served with starters but allowed herself half a glass of red with the main course. Before she knew it, a rosy tint graced her cheeks.

Across the table, Bennett had polished off his meal. When he noticed Claudia’s gaze, he met her eyes. His dense eyelashes created a subtle shadow, deepening his already dark eyes. “Have you eaten enough?” Claudia gave a nod. “I can’t manage to finish this pudding. Can I take the leftovers home?”

“I’ll have it arranged. Don’t worry.”

With a wave, he motioned the server to pack up the remaining food.

Claudia released a small burp and found herself locked in Bennett’s gaze, her face intensifying in redness. “I need to touch up my makeup.”

Swiftly, she grabbed her purse and left the table.

Had her right leg been in full health, she would have sprinted.

The embarrassment was overwhelming!

Kristy, stepping out from the restroom, noticed Claudia’s uneven stride and eyed her curiously.

Claudia paid no attention to Kristy and headed straight towards the restroom.

The lipstick was gone, but the flush of her cheeks could not be hidden under any cosmetic. In that moment, she felt the effects of the wine, and it brought along a throbbing headache.

Aurora once shared that Claudia tended to be overly affectionate and hugged whoever she saw when tipsy. Claudia feared she might embarrassingly cling to Bennett.

To avoid such a spectacle, she decided it best to freshen up with a quick face wash.

Claudia felt fortunate that she had chosen for a light makeup look that day. She hadn’t applied much makeup to her eyes, and her eyeliner was specifically designed to be water -proof.

The cool water helped bring her back to her senses.

Surveying her reflection, Claudia was relieved her makeup remained unscathed.

She carefully patted her face dry with a piece of tissue.

Following that, Claudia occupied a nearby cubicle.

The thought of potentially clinging to Bennett and causing a scene filled her with dread.

She couldn’t bear to envision it.

Claudia washed her face once more before exiting the restroom.

Although she had refreshed her makeup, her intoxicated state was unmistakable and impossible to conceal.

She was indeed drunk.

Claudia hastily grabbed her purse and made for the exit, praying for the alcohol’s effects to kick in as late as possible.

The restrooms were located in the far end of the restaurant. From there, Claudia had to walk a bit to reach the dining area.

Upon reaching the hall, she spotted Bennett standing by the wheelchair, awaiting her.

Overwhelmed by embarrassment, Claudia instinctively quickened her steps.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t advisable for her to walk too quickly, considering that she hadn’t fully recovered from her condition.

Claudia couldn’t apply much force on her weakened leg, and her otherwise healthy leg gave way. She lost her footing suddenly.

She attempted to latch onto something for stability but to no avail. Just as she was about to collide with a passing dining cart, a firm grip rescued her by the wrist.

Claudia found herself nestled against Bennett’s chest. His signature woody scent mixed with a hint of white wine overwhelmed her senses.

“Have you seen enough? Or do you want to see more?”

His warm breath landed on Claudia’s forehead, further igniting the flush on her cheeks.

It was then she realized she was clutching Bennett’s collar. Her grip had left his shirt ripped open, and she found herself staring at his bare chest.

Claudia quickly released his collar. “I… I didn’t mean that. Allow me to fix your shirt!”

She hastened to adjust Bennett’s collar and tried to secure the button. However, her trembling fingers fumbled, causing the button to slip away repeatedly.

Her fingertips delicately traced his chest multiple times, evoking an indescribable sense of seduction.

Unable to bear it any longer, Bennett gently gripped her hands and pushed them away. “No, thanks.”

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