Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 88 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 88 Sincere Apology

Bennett had struggled to keep himself in check. His voice held a chilling, rough edge, one that set Claudia’s nerves on edge. In response, she dropped her hands and froze, resembling a child caught in a misdeed, seeking forgiveness.

Bennett gave her a long look before voicing his worry, “How’s your foot? Does it hurt?”


As Claudia lifted her gaze to meet Bennett’s, she wasn’t sure if it was her perception playing tricks on her. His black eyes appeared devoid of any anger.

She exhaled in relief. “I apologize.”

Bennett pulled the wheelchair closer and instructed, “Take a seat.”

The commotion earlier had been quite intense. Claudia would have collided with the serving cart had Bennett not acted swiftly. The cart held steaming soup. Had Claudia crashed into it, the outcome could have been disastrous.

Besides, Claudia’s right leg was still in the process of healing. A fall could risk a re- fracture of her shin bone, leaving her recovery in jeopardy.

Once Claudia had settled into the wheelchair, the restaurant manager approached to extend his apologies.

“Madam, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

The sincerity in the manager’s apology convinced Claudia not to escalate the situation. Her anxiety had indeed spiked during the earlier incident.

“I’m okay. The floor is somewhat slippery. I would recommend having it cleaned.”

“Understood! I am truly sorry. There was a spill earlier and it appears it was not properly cleaned. I’m relieved you’re alright. To make amends, we’ll offer a 20% discount on your meal.”

Twenty percent off.

Claudia calculated that this discount would save them over 1000 dollars, a fair reflection of their sincerity.

As she prepared to respond, Bennett, silent until now, suddenly interjected, “The quality of your service doesn’t match the high rates you charge for meals.”

The manager’s expression stiffened upon hearing Bennett’s remarks.

As someone in charge of an high-end restaurant, he had interacted with numerous clients and instantly recognized Bennett as a man of stature and wealth.

The air in the room turned frosty. Bennett rested his hand on the wheelchair’s handle and stated, “The discount is not necessary.”

He handed his card to the manager directly. The manager, startled by Bennett’s commanding demeanor, took a moment to regain his composure. He accepted the card, and in his apology, asked the staff to prepare a small token for Claudia.

Once Bennett had settled the bill, the manager regained his footing and continued his earnest apologies. He presented the gift to Claudia and said, “Please accept this token from us. We hope this evening’s incident doesn’t ruin your date.”

Upon seeing the gift bag, Claudia instinctively looked towards Bennett.

Her innocent gaze reminded Bennett of an adorable rabbit.

This sight brought a hint of warmth to Bennett’s typically stern countenance. “Accept it if you wish.”

Claudia quickly extended her hand to take the

gift, all the while smiling. “Thank you. I wasn’t injured, so you need not feel so responsible.” “We apologize for our negligence. Please enjoy your evening.” Bennett, his patience wearing thin, promptly wheeled Claudia towards the exit.

Claudia was intrigued by the gift bag’s contents but deemed it inappropriate to inspect it while still within the restaurant’s premises.

Near the counter, Kristy stood ready to pay her bill. She grimaced upon witnessing Claudia in the wheelchair, being wheeled towards the exit by Bennett.

“Madam, here is your card.”

The cashier’s voice broke Kristy’s focused gaze. When she finally looked away, she inadvertently locked eyes with Bennett.

His fleeting glance seemed to pierce her soul.

Caught off guard, Kristy’s hand trembled and the card dropped to the floor.

While the cashier apologized, Kristy hardly registered the words.

She picked up the card and made her exit through a side door of the restaurant.

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