Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 89 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 89 Who Doesn’t Like It

Upon stepping into the elevator, Claudia’s eyes met with Bennett’s, a moment she hadn’t anticipated.

Her ears colored a deep red as her arms subconsciously tightened around the bag she was holding,

The bag was delicate, and her forceful grip caused a rustling sound to fill the elevator space.

Only Bennett and Claudia occupied the elevator. The sound, quite unexpectedly, brought a rosy blush to her entire face.

“What’s inside the bag?”


Claudia, caught off guard by his voice, instinctively lifted her gaze to meet his black eyes, her eyelashes fluttering slightly. “Oh, right, the bag. Let me see.”

Claudia then peeled off the seal and opened the bag, revealing a small box.

She retrieved the box and pried it open. Nestled inside was a gold necklace with a charming cat paw pendant. It was quite cute.

She held up the necklace to Bennett. “It’s a necklace.”

Bennett, lowering his gaze slightly, gave the necklace a cursory glance before shifting his focus to her eyes that sparkled with joy. His finger absentmindedly tapped on wheelchair’s handle. “Do you like it so much?”

In reality, the necklace was worth about a thousand dollars, at most.

“I didn’t anticipate receiving such a gift, so it brings me joy.”

After all, the gift was free, who wouldn’t be delighted by such a surprise?

As Claudia’s words filled the space, the elevator doors slid open.

Bennett diverted his gaze and began wheeling himself out of the elevator.

With his tall and slender frame, dressed impeccably in a suit like a model, he exuded an undeniable presence. Adding to the intrigue, he was pushing a wheelchair, instantly capturing the attention of numerous onlookers as soon as he stepped out of the elevator.

Claudia squirmed uncomfortably under the scrutinizing stares, wishing she could blend into the background.

Luckily, their vehicle was not far off. In no time, Bennett wheeled her beside the car.

Spotting Bennett from afar, Allan exited the vehicle to greet them.

Prior to their arrival, he had already opened the back door in preparation.

“Mr. Dreskin, Mrs. Dreskin.”

Claudia rose from the wheelchair and acknowledged Allan with a nod.

Balancing her purse in one hand and the gift bag in the other, she stooped slightly and slid into the car.

Bennett cast a fleeting glance at the gift bag before following her inside.

Though the air conditioning was cranked up in the car, Claudia could feel her face radiating heat.

She stared out of the window at the kaleidoscopic city lights, her vision slightly askew. The normally dazzling cityscape seemed a blurry canvas.

The car halted at a red light.

Gazing out the window, Claudia felt more and more dizzy.

Even cars appeared to sway in her sight.

Since they embarked, Claudia hadn’t uttered a word.

The silence inside the car was so profound that it felt unfamiliar to Bennett, who was not accustomed to such quietness.

He opened his eyes, shifted his gaze towards Claudia.

Perplexed, he observed her actions, noticing that her left hand rested against the window as if reaching out to grasp something, though he couldn’t discern what it was.

The traffic light flipped to green and the car jerked into motion. Claudia, unprepared, bumped her head against the window.

A sharp gasp escaped her as she rubbed her forehead.

Bennett watched her for a moment before reaching out. “Let me see.”

Through her haze, Claudia felt Bennett’s warm breath against her face..

Her forehead bore no mark, but her cheeks were aflame.

Bennett stole a glance at her, noticing her big, moist eyes filled with an expression of sadness and vulnerability.

For some inexplicable reason, he found himself reaching out to pinch her cheek. “Have you had a bit too much to drink?”

Caught off guard, it took Claudia a moment to understand Bennett’s words. “Yes, I… I’m slightly tipsy,” she mumbled, her gaze fixed on Bennett. Through her blurry vision, she thought she saw him move and instinctively tried to stabilize herself by reaching for him.

As her fingertips brushed against his face, Bennett experienced a peculiar tickle. He captured her hand and inquired, “What are you trying to do?”

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