Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 90 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 90 The Car Shook Violently

Bennett had seized Claudia’s hand, causing her to feel a hint of irritation. A dose of alcohol had emboldened her. “Can you stop moving around?”

Deepening her frown, she perceived Bennett’s unsteady demeanor before her, intensifying her own sense of dizziness.

Perceiving her state, Bennett realized that she was drunk.

He eased his grip, instructing, “Have a seat.” Pulling her hand back, Claudia complied. She placed her palms on her knees and sat upright, akin to a preschooler. She then cast him a look with her sparkling eyes, asserting, “I’ve seated myself.”

She was yearning for his approval. Bennett gazed at her, his throat bobbing noticeably.

With effort, he held back and surveyed her through his deeply-set eyes. “That’s a good girl.”

He extended his hand and gently caressed her head, his typically cold voice softening, infused with a subtle and barely perceptible tenderness.

Unfortunately, Claudia was drunk now. Unaware of her own condition, she continued to perceive Bennett as swaying, further influenced by her impaired senses.

After maintaining her seated posture for a few seconds, she nibbled her lip, raised her hands, and abruptly blocked Bennett’s face. “Stop moving. If this continues, I’m going to throw up!”

Due to their height difference, Claudia had to rise a bit to reach Bennett’s face.

Caught unaware, Bennett found his face

obscured by her hands, his cheeks, nose, and lips squeezed under her palms.

“Why do you continue to wobble? Can you stay still?”

Claudia was on the brink of tears. How was it

that Bennett’s face still seemed to shake despite her holding it?

And it wasn’t merely shaking, but appearing distorted…

A sense of amusement bubbled up in Bennett as he felt utterly helpless. He stretched out to remove Claudia’s hand, grasping her wrist firmly. “Just shut your eyes and get some rest!”

A streak of light from outside the window flitted across Claudia’s vision. She instinctively turned her head to avoid it. “That light’s blinding!”

Her attention was stolen by the light outside, momentarily forgetting about Bennett.

A while later, Claudia knitted her brows once more, querying, “Why’s everything in motion? Are we in a bar? There are lights flashing everywhere.”

Bennett understood that her sense of balance was off, and she wasn’t fully aware of her surroundings.

He promptly enveloped her in his arms, comforting her, “You’re simply drunk. Things will be back to normal when you’re sober.”

As he cradled Claudia, one hand behind her head, she inhaled the familiar scent of wood that seemed stronger than before.

Claudia took a deep breath, extracting her head from Bennett’s arms. She perched her chin on his shoulder, sniffing at his neck. “This smells really nice. What fragrance are you wearing?”

Her warm breath wafting onto his neck sent ticklish, heated sensations through Bennett, and he unconsciously tightened his hold around her waist.

Claudia remained oblivious to his reaction. She stared at Bennett for a moment before her gaze wandered out the window. The car halted at another traffic signal.

Seeing the oscillating cars outside, Claudia squinted, snuggling closer to Bennett. She rested her head on his chest, pointing at a vehicle outside. “The car is shaking so fast.”

Without checking outside, Bennett suppressed her hand, refuting, “You’re seeing things.”

An excited Claudia contradicted, “No, I’m not! Look, that car’s really shaking!”

Mid-sentence, she abruptly fell silent, turning

to look at Bennett with an expression of shock. “It’s shaking violently. Could they be having sex in the car?”

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