Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 91 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 91 Lost Control

Claudia’s words resonated clearly within the confines of the car, audible to everyone present.

Allan, seated in the driver’s seat, was taken aback, stunned by what he had just heard.

He hadn’t anticipated that Claudia would verbalize such a bold thing.

His cheeks flushed with discomfort.

He could only keep his gaze fixed on the road ahead, words failing him.

Bennett too was taken aback by Claudia’s words.

Claudia, unaware of the weight of her words, scolded indignantly, “This is outrageous! How dare they… How dare they…”

It was at this moment that Claudia sensed the awkwardness in the air.

Although she was drunk, she was not completely senseless. She was merely a bit more sluggish than usual.

Despite her impaired state, Claudia’s comprehension gradually caught up with her, and she became aware of what she had just uttered. A hand instantly flew to her mouth.

Why had she let that slip in front of Bennett? Coming to this realization, Claudia’s face took on a deeper shade of red. “I… I feel light- headed.”

Following this confession, Claudia crumbled onto Bennett’s chest.

Bennett glanced down at the woman feigning

unconsciousness, a smile dancing in his

usually stern eyes.

In her cowardice, she was quite endearing.

The car soon roared back to life, and Claudia ceased her disruptions.

Resting in Bennett’s arms, she slipped into oblivion. She found solace on Bennett’s chest, even reaching out to grip him tightly, and stayed compliantly in her seat.

Upon reaching the villa, Claudia was in a deep slumber.

The driver hopped out of the car and swung open the door. He was about to speak when he met Bennett’s piercing glare.

Initially, Bennett worried about waking Claudia. But she slept like a log as she was transported into the villa. Throughout the journey to her room, she gave no indication of stirring.

She even shuffled a bit due to the awkward posture, nuzzling her head into a more comfortable position before surrendering to sleep again.

Allan smoothly maneuvered the wheelchair into the villa and departed without interrupting them.

Bennett carried Claudia into the guest room. No sooner had he placed her on the bed than she latched onto him like a koala.

She was likely immersed in a dream. Her lips moved in a soft mumble.

But her whispers were too faint for Bennett to decipher.

He gazed at Claudia, clinging to him tightly, his dark eyes growing increasingly intense. Suppressed emotions from the day came flooding back.

Claudia unconsciously bit her lips. Their moist

crimson hue, shining lightly under the

illumination, resembled freshly plucked cherries, tempting to any onlooker.

His gaze wavered, but the woman fast asleep was oblivious to it all.

Bennett scrutinized her for a moment, then said, “If you cling to me like this, little bunny,

I might not be able to restrain myself.” Feeling the chill from the room’s air conditioning, Claudia made a groan of discontent and burrowed deeper into the man’s warm hold.

Her soft lips brushed against his neck. The moment Bennett felt the tender warmth, the emotions he’d been wrestling with burst forth, and he could no longer hold himself back.

Bennett joined her on the bed, holding her close.

He slightly propped himself up, leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips.

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