Unexpected Vows: From Jilted Bride To His Rival’s Wife chapter 92 by Alvis Lane

Chapter 92 Last Night

Bennett, however, refrained from exploiting Claudia’s intoxicated state. With a tender peck on her lips, he held himself back.

It was as if he had exhausted every ounce of his energy. He collapsed onto the bed, his eyes sealed shut, gasping for breath.

Yet, the enticing aroma emanating from the woman reclining next to him intermittently reached his nostrils, arousing his senses.

After a while, he gently opened his eyes and offered a tender smile to Claudia, who was nestled in his arms.

Although she couldn’t hold her liquor, she still found the audacity to hug him in her. drunk state.

Claudia had a dream where she was a bunny and was kissed by a sheep who was eating grass.

The sheep, with an apologetic gaze, allowed her to munch on the grass.

Just as Claudia began to think that the sheep was courteous and gentle, it suddenly rose and ripped open its belly. A wolf emerged from the sheep’s skin, its eyes blood-red, gazing at her. As Claudia was about to sprint away, she was pinned down by the wolf. The wolf clasped her waist, pulling her back, and pushing her onto the ground, before proceeding to lick her.

She observed the wolf licking her leisurely, making her feel like a hunted prey.

After a while of being licked, Claudia thought the wolf would release her, but it suddenly widened its jaws…

When Claudia came to, she realized she had been dreaming

Even so, she found herself bewildered as she scanned her surroundings.

Quickly, she raised her hand and nipped her cheek. The sharp pain made her understand that she was indeed awake!

“Are you awake?”

Bennett was also awake. As he sat upright, the collar of his pajama shirt fell open.

As Claudia swung her head around, she was met with the sight of his sleek yet firm abs, causing her cheeks to redden.

“I… You… We…”

Claudia felt like weeping. She had merely sipped a bit of wine. How could things turn out like this?

“What’s on your mind?”

She could feel a mild twitching on her scalp as her braid was gently tugged by the man. Claudia rotated slowly, meeting Bennett’s eyes. She managed a grin, more pitiful than if she were crying, and asked, “Nothing happened

between us last night, right?”

Bennett straightened himself, slowly fastened his pajamas, and leaned forward slightly as he questioned, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Without clarification, it becomes challenging for me to provide a specific answer to your question.”

The man’s breath suddenly washed over Claudia’s countenance, her cheeks flushing in response. A sensation of guilt seized her, forcing her gaze away from Bennett’s probing eyes. “Did I… did I take advantage of you last night?”

Her voice trembled. They shared the same bed, and Claudia tightly wrapped around Bennett, much like an octopus latching onto its prey. This realization was nearly her undoing.

Aurora had once cautioned her about her erratic behavior when inebriated. But Claudia had not anticipated the aftermath to be quite so dramatic.

“What do you think?”

With a snort, the man straightened and walked out of the room.

Only after the door closed did Claudia muster the courage to lift her face, which had turned as red as a tomato, betraying her embarrassment.

Bennett’s intention was evident. It dawned on her that she must have been caught up in one of her wild episodes from the previous night.

But what exactly had happened remained a mystery…

Snapping back to reality, Claudia hastily inspected herself, looking for any signs of wrongness.

Apart from her last night’s dress still gracing. her body, nothing seemed amiss.

This discovery sparked a wave of relief, triggering happy tears.

At the very least, this confirmed that she hadn’t slept with Bennett last night in her drunk state.

It was a good news.

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